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Missing 72YOF Stirling City 4/17/2023

Marin SAR members responded to a request from Butte County to assist with search efforts for a 72 YOF thought to have dementia. The MP was last seen on 4/10/23, though her car was not immediately located. Eventually, the MP’s car was located. Responding Marin SAR members searched several assignments, though were unable to locate any significant clues regarding the MP, and were released. The following OP, several additional Marin SAR members responded. Prior to deployment teams were alerted that the MP had been located, deceased. Marin SAR members assisted with transporting and packaging the MP. A local helicopter performed a successful extraction of the MP via longline.

Missing 2YO Hopland 4/4/2023

Marin SAR received a Mutual Aid request from Mendocino County to assist with the search for a missing 2YO in the afternoon of 4/4/23. Prior to departing, members were alerted that the MP had been located alive.

Marinduro Fairfax 4/1/2023

On 4/1/23, several Marin SAR members supported the Marinduro bike racing event by providing EMS support. Several riders approached Marin SAR members with complaints of possible concussions, head trauma and wounds. Marin SAR members treated and released injured riders. Another rider had a possible tib/fib fracture. Marin SAR members utilized a UTV and litter to package, and transport the rider to MCFD ALS.

Missing 24YOM Brooketrails Mendocino 3/30/2023

Mendocino SAR requested Mutual Aid assistance with the search for a 24 YOM who had last been seen on 3/27/23. Responding Marin SAR members searched drainages and areas where the MP had possibly been sighted. However, the MP was not located during the OP and Marin SAR members were released.

Leafwood Circle Santa Rosa MP 3/1/2023

Sonoma County requested Mutual Aid assistance with search efforts for a 65YOM who was last seen near his residence on 2/27/23. Responding Marin SAR members assisted in management roles as well as formed several field teams which re-searched assignments completed previously in a hasty manner, as well as searched several areas which had not yet been searched. Over the next two days, additional Marin SAR members responded and assisted with search, investigative, and planning efforts. No significant clues were located. The MP was later located deceased by a citizen.

Del Norte/French Hill M.A. 2/9/2023

Marin SAR was requested via CalOES to assist Del Norte County with search efforts for a missing female mushroom picker, who had last been seen on 2/2/23. On 2/4/23, a USCG helicopter hoisted the MP’s daughter from a drainage in which she had sheltered. Del Norte County resources initiated a search for the MP, which continued through 2/7/23. A team located the MP’s family’s dog, who had also been missing, in an area near the drainage where the MP’s father and daughter had descended. Marin SAR members formed a single team which covered the main drainage in which the MP’s daughter had been located, also where the MP’s husband and daughter believed they had made voice contact with her. One member assisted Del Norte County resources in overhead. No significant clues were located during this OP. Several more Marin SAR members responded to Del Norte County later that evening. On 2/11/23, Marin SAR formed two teams which searched densely vegetated areas directly above the drainage, areas which the MP’s daughter and husband both believed the MP had traveled through or might be located, due to the MP’s voice calls on 2/3/23. Two Marin SAR members also served as flankers for CARDA teams, and two Marin SAR members served roles in overhead. No significant clues were located during the day’s search efforts, and teams were released. Several days later, resources discovered a bucket matching the description of the MP’s. On 2/17 several Marin SAR members responded and assisted with efforts to cut a trail through thick brush to access the search areas. Over the course of two days, members cut a trail to more easily access high POD search areas. The MP was eventually located deceased by a family member.

Missing 67YOM Strawberry Village 2/3/2023

Marin SAR received a request from MCSO to assist with search efforts for a 67YOM who had not returned to work after a break earlier that morning. Less than an hour later, investigative efforts led to the location of the MP in the immediate area, and responding members were released.

Missing hiker 1/20/2023

Marin SAR was requested to assist with the search for a missing male hiker known to have dementia. The MP had been hiking with his wife when the two became separated. An MMWD ranger and an SO deputy hasty searched the area surrounding where the MP had been hiking. About 10 minutes after members received the callout, a citizen located the MP along Deer Camp Fire Road, alive and well. The SO deputy reunited the MP with his wife.

Conzelman Search 1/19/2023

GGNRA requested Marin SAR’s assistance with a search for a missing despondent male, after rangers located his car abandoned on Conzelman Rd in the Marin Headlands. Responding members were configured into ground teams and several HRD K9 teams, which searched areas around the LKP. Additionally, the MCSO UAV assisted with search efforts. During OP1, no notable clues were located by teams in the field. After conducting further investigations and interviewing the MP’s family, Marin SAR, GGNRA, and MCSO continued the search for a second OP on 1/20/23. H-30 also conducted aerial searching along coastal areas. On 1/20/23, members returned to continue searching near the LKP. During OP3, MCSO Posse assisted in search efforts. On 1/28/23, K9 teams searched several areas as well as cliff bases, and one member along with a GGNRA ranger, utilizing binoculars, searched cliff areas. Subsequent search operations were suspended.

Banner Mountain OP2/OP3 1/14/2023

On the morning of 1/14/23, Marin SAR received a mutual aid request from Nevada County for a missing elderly female with dementia, who had left her home the previous afternoon. 12 MSAR members responded to support OP2, with one member assisting Nevada County SAR members with overhead operations. Other members were deployed into two ground teams. Despite heavy rain and cold conditions, each team completed two assignments during OP2, however, no notable clues were located. Several additional members responded to support OP3 the following day. After several hours, the MP was located deceased by a citizen.

Stinson Beach Flood Response 1/5/2023

39 MSAR members responded to the Stinson Beach area to assist the Stinson Beach Fire Department with filling and placing sandbags along residences impacted by flooding after a seawall overflowed. In addition to filling sandbags, Marin SAR members performed damage assessments of local neighborhoods by documenting flooding impacts. Operations were complete by 16:30, and members were released.

Strawberry Missing Dementia 1/4/2023

Marin SAR received a request to assist with search efforts for an elderly male with severe dementia, who was last seen at his residence about two hours prior. With a severe weather system approaching, responding members were quickly deployed to search. The MP was located in some vegetation about 30 minutes later by SO deputies near his residence.

Helen Markt Lost Hiker 1/1/2023

9 Marin SAR members assisted MMWD rangers with locating a hiker who had called for assistance, as she was cold, and without food or water. Cell phone ping information showed the hiker’s location as about halfway down the Helen Markt Trail from the Cataract Trail Junction. MSAR members split into two teams, quickly located the hiker, as well as offered her warm clothing, food, and water. MSAR members returned to the trailhead with the hiker.

Mt.Tam Trail Rescue 1/1/2023

While initiating a PSAR response on a crowded day in the MMWD area, 6 Marin SAR members responded to a call for a hiker with an ankle injury. Marin SAR members, along with assistance from MCFD, helped to splint the patient’s ankle and perform a litter carryout. After the carryout, the patient declined further transport assistance, and MSAR members returned to PSAR operations.