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Placer Green Valley Trail 3/12/2022

Marin SAR was contacted to provide mutual aid support for OP2 of a search in Placer County for a 26 year old woman who was described as despondent and had been missing overnight on Friday. 8 Marin SAR members responded, Marin was split into two Type 1 teams, each given large and rocky drainage areas to search all the way down to the river. In the late morning, the MP was located by a K9 team near the main trail about halfway down to the river. Teams were recalled and released by 1300 while the recovery operation was still ongoing with local resources.

Mendocino 8-Mile Bridge Mutual Aid-OP9 3/11/2022

The Mendocino County Sheriff's Office requested mutual aid support for the ongoing search for a missing hunter near the Eel River. Marin previously participated in OP3, OP4 and OP5 in late 2021. SAR teams from Mendo, Napa, Sonoma, BAMRU, and San Mateo participated, along with a CHP helicopter that conducted an additional river search for clues. The 9 responding Marin members were broken into three field teams, plus one overhead and one UTV transport driver. One field team was assigned to search the (much lower) river route from the general area of the LKP to the 8-Mile Bridge. The other two teams were tasked with checking high-risk areas of two large private parcels south of the river. No significant clues were located.

Foresthill Missing 69 YOM 3/8/2022

Marin SAR was requested to assist in the search for an elderly male in remote Placer County where the MP’s vehicle had been located. 18 Marin SAR members deployed, and camped overnight and then searched on Wednesday. Members fielded five teams who each did two assignments with many members participating in a third and final assignment push at the end of the day. No important clues were located.

Marin City Evidence Search 3/8/2022

Marin SO requested Marin SAR for an evidence search in relation to a homicide of an 18-year-old in Marin City. MSAR responded with 12 team members. The team arrived at 15:15 and was briefed by SO, then transported to the scene escorted by SO. After splitting into two teams, the team grid searched approximately 1 acre including a parking lot, cars, and two areas with deep grass. No significant clues were located.

Lost Trail Trail Rescue 3/5/2022

Marin SAR was requested to assist Marin County Fire Department with an injured hiker on the Lost trail above Muir Woods. H1 and H32 also responded and assisted with the subject. MCFD treated and packaged the patient who was hoisted off the hillside and transported to Throckmorton Ridge where she was transferred to ground transport. Shortly after being requested, MSAR was canceled, however one MSAR member made it on scene and assisted MCFD before cancellation.

SLO Search 2/26/2022

While Marin SAR supported a training course for the California State Guard in San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff SAR approached the team about a large area evidence search in progress and the need for a large number of resources in the remote Carrizo Plain. The missing elderly male adult who was last seen two weeks earlier by his trailer home surrounded by desert. The remains were potentially spread over a wide area. This was the first callout of the State Guard for a SAR mission. On Saturday morning seven Marin SAR joined 64 members of the State Guard along with ten members of San Luis Obispo SAR. Eight teams were deployed to cover close to 200 acres. Shortly after teams were deployed several human remains and clothing articles were located. At approximately 1 PM a critical find was made and the search was suspended.

Muir Beach Overlook Search 2/11/2022

Marin SAR was requested by the National Parks Service to assist in the search for a lost fisherman in the area of Muir Beach. On 2/10 a planning meeting was held to support a search of the area on Saturday. However, following new information from the family, three Marin members deployed to the place last seen and were able to locate the MP. Henry 1 arrived on scene soon after and conducted a long line extraction.

Missing 36 YOM Hiker, Sierra Buttes 2/5/2022

Marin SAR was requested for a missing hiker last seen near the summit of the Sierra Buttes the same morning. Two Marin SAR members responded to the scene while 4 additional members drafted remote plans. The two members on scene assumed incident command and communications roles. Search teams assigned to the cliff band below the place last seen located the subject in the afternoon and a recovery was completed.

Missing Hiker, Rock Creek, Plumas Co 2/4/2022

2/4/22 - Missing Hiker, Rock Creek, Plumas Co. Marin SAR responded with 24 members to Plumas County to assist in the search for a missing overnight camper in the Rock Creek area. Teams faced long hikes to assignments and very challenging terrain with burn scars and steep cliff bands. Teams covered the accessible areas of their assignments but the subject was not located.

Cataract Trail Rescues 1/22/2022

Marin SAR responded for an injured hiker with an open ankle fracture on the Cataract Trail. As the first member began hiking up to the patient, he encountered another female hiker with a severe ankle injury. As additional SAR members arrived, they headed up with a second litter and wheel. In total, 20 Marin SAR members responded and both patients were extricated in about 1.5 hours.

Missing Despondent youth in Corte Madera 1/15/2022

Marin SAR was requested by Central Marin Police for a potentially despondent youth. Marin SAR was mobilizing teams at the ICP, with 44 members either on scene or en route, when the subject was located by a police officer.

Santa Cruz Technical Rescue - Canceled 1/3/2022

Marin SAR was requested to assist with an extended technical rescue and carry out in Santa Cruz County. 18 Marin SAR members were en route but were canceled due to additional support on scene.

Placer County Missing Skier Northstar 4/27/2022

Marin SAR was requested by Cal OES to assist in the search for a missing skier at North Star SkiResort in Placer County. Two Marin SAR members already in the Tahoe area responded to the scene. After a risk assessment, members decided to proceed with searching. The subject reportedly wore no beacon, but Recco was utilized. Due to heavy snow conditions, searching was slow and arduous. No significant clues were found.