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North Star Missing Skier 12/29/2021

Placer County SO requested Marin SAR for the search for a lost skier out of North Star Ski Resort. A total of 8 Marin SAR members responded. One Marin SAR member worked with a Washoe County SAR member for a ski assignment, searching with Recco as CHP H20 flew Recco overhead. The remainder of the Marin members worked with Washoe County, NV members to cover a large segment of probing tree wells. No clues were found.

North Star Missing Skier - (canceled) 12/28/2021

Marin SAR was requested by Cal OES to assist in the search for a lost skier in North Star. ThreeMarin SAR members prepared to deploy out of Marin with a CHP and Caltrans plow escort over I 80. Due to heavy snow, the three members were canceled.

Santa Cruz Missing 13 YOM (canceled) 12/23/2021

23 Marin SAR members prepared to respond to Santa Cruz for a missing 13YOM. Subject was located by a neighbor and the response was canceled.

Marin City - Evidence 12/22/2021

Marin SAR supported the Marin County Sheriff’s Office in an evidence search following gun fire in Marin City. 29 members responded and provided area searching and metal detectors.

Sausalito Missing Person 11/12/2021

Marin SAR was requested to assist Sausalito police in search efforts for a missing 78 YOF who suffers from advancing Alzheimer's symptoms. 36 members arrived on scene, while remote plans prepared hasty searches of the area. As the first four hasty teams were starting the assignment in the condo complex the subject and her caretaker were located in the lobby of her complex where she self-identified as the subject.

Alameda - Castro Valley 11/3/2021

Marin SAR was requested by Alameda County to assist in the search for a missing 53 YOM. Alameda SAR and deputies did a hasty search the evening of the 2nd. 10 members departed the cache and were met on scene by 3 additional members. 3 members set out early to assist Alameda in overhead. Teams were briefed and deployed into the field. An additional 2 members arrived at the ICP to assist with overhead. Around 1030, the MP was located. Teams were extracted from the field and released. Alameda requested the Marin UTV and a litter for the extraction.

Missing Person - San Anselmo (Cancelled) 10/30/2021

Marin SAR was requested for a missing person with possible dementia and/or Downs syndrome. Shortly thereafter, the MP was located by the reporting party. Marin SAR was cancelled.

Missing 75 YOF, Lakeport 10/27/2021

In the midst of preparing for another mutual aid request, Marin SAR received a request from Lake County to assist with a search for a missing dementia subject. The decision was made to pivot to Lake County to support both their overhead and searcher requests. The MP was a 75 YOF reported missing on October 25. Tuesday evening, a Marin led remote planning team worked with Lake County to prepare for Op Period 2. Wednesday morning, 26 Marin SAR members responded to Lake County. Two members headed up early to fill the Planning and Operations Section Chief roles. The Marin County Sheriff's Drone team was also deployed both Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Just as many of the teams were completing assignments, getting debriefed and reassigned, the MP was located.

Missing Hunter OP4, Mendo 8-Mile Bridge 10/29/2021

Marin SAR responded with 3 people for the following operational period in the search for a 48 YOM hunter. Marin's team was assigned to search two areas which covered 3 miles to the south and north of the PLS along the Eel River. No significant clues were located. After completing the assigned areas the Marin team returned to the command post and was released.

Missing Hunter OP3, Mendo 8-Mile Bridge 10/27/2021

After resolving another search, 26 Marin SAR members responded to Mendocino County near 8 Mile Bridge, on Highway 162. The missing person was a 48 YOM, who was last seen on 10/24/21 with his son during a hunting trip in the Eel River. Marin units arrived on scene at approx 1415 and were assigned to search 3 areas along the banks of the Eel river, west of where the MP was last seen. No significant clues were located. Marin teams returned to the staging area and were released.

Santa Cruz USAR Deployment 10/24/2021

Marin County USAR requested deployment to Santa Cruz County as a pre-deployment of equipment and personnel in case of expected mudslides and debris flows in the Boulder Creek area. Assets were staged at Felton Fire station Sunday and released Sunday morning as the storm passed without incident.

Fresno Badger Flat 49YOF Hiker 10/18/2021

Marin SAR was requested by Fresno County for a mutual aid search in the Mount Givens area in the Sierra National Forest. 6 members arrived on scene, camped at the CP, and were briefed the following morning. Members were split into two teams and given overnight assignments. Teams were deployed by Jeeps. At approximately 1500, the MP was located by a Fresno Sheriff's helicopter approximately 4 miles south of the search area beside Ershim Lake. Teams were instructed to make their way to an LZ by Lakecamp Lake, and were extracted by a National Guard Blackhawk, flown to Huntington Lake where SAR 3 transported searches back to the CP. MarinSAR was released.

Siskiyou County Mutual Aid 10/13/2021

​​On October 13th, 2021 Siskiyou County requested a MSAR response to a search for a missing male subject in the Happy Camp area. The request was for a ground team to search for three days and an overhead team. As 7 Marin members prepared to respond, the request was cancelled.

Baltimore Canyon missing juvenile 10/10/2021

At 18:59 MSAR members were paged out to assist in the search of a missing juvenile that had become separated from his family while hiking in the area. 49 members were responding to the command post with 2 assisting with plans remotely. The family located the juvenile alive and well prior to members being deployed.

Yosemite Missing Hiker 9/14/2021

Marin SAR was requested by CalOES to assist on a search for a missing person in the lake Eleanor area of Yosemite National Park. 8 members were dispatched to assist for two operational periods. 7 members filled roles on field teams and 1 member assumed the role of basecamp manager. MSAR members completed all assignments, but no significant clues were located.

Marinwood Fire Evacuation 9/1/2021

Following a vegetation fire at the end of Mt. Lassen Drive in San Rafael, a large area of Lucas Valley was put under mandatory evacuations for a short time. A large LE mutual aid responded to support the Sheriff's Office. As the fire escalated, a SAR supervisor was requested to respond to Unified command. Two members responded to the scene. Requests were made to evaluate additional SAR resources in the event the fire continued to grow and threaten areas in Southern Novato. After arrival, the fire situation improved significantly and members were released.

Grass Valley Missing 10 YOM 8/19/2021

Marin SAR was requested for mutual aid in the search for a missing 10 YOM in the Grass Valley Area. Prior to departure, the subject was located alive and well by Nevada County SAR and Marin SAR was cancelled.

San Rafael Cadaver K9 Search for Hit and Run 8/11/2021

San Rafael Police requested cadaver K-9s to search vehicles resembling a vehicle suspected to be part of a hit and run accident.

Missing Hunter OP5, Mendo 8-Mile Bridge 11/2/2021

12 Marin SAR members responded to Mendocino County to assist in the ongoing search for a missing hunter. After arriving at the command post and receiving a briefing, they were split into two teams and a UTV driver. Both teams searched large areas with specific instructions to focus on the linear features within the assignment. No new clues were located.

Fairfax Dementia 8/10/2021

Marin SAR was requested by Fairfax Police to assist in searching for a missing 62 YOF with dementia. 26 members responded to ICP at Fire Station 21, with 6 members supporting the incident remotely. Shortly after search operations were started dispatch received a call from the MP after she utilized the emergency phone at Corte Madera Station 14.

San Rafael 7/31/2021

San Rafael PD initiated a SAR response for a missing elderly man with dementia. San Rafael PD located MP before the team was dispatched.

Yosemite Missing 69 YOM Backpacker (2nd wave of mutual aid) 8/6/2021

Marin SAR was requested to assist in a follow up Op for a missing backpacker near Red Peak. 8 members responded and hiked into the field for a multi day deployment in the field. Two days of searching was completed in very technical terrain, but no clues were found.

Terra Linda 7/30/2021

San Rafael PD requested Marin SAR to assist in search for missing 70 YOM with dementia. 24 members prepared to respond. MP was located by San Rafael PD before SAR efforts began.

Yosemite Missing 69 YOM Backpacker 7/29/2021

Marin SAR was requested by Yosemite NPS to assist in a search for a 69 YOM missing backpacker south east of Yosemite Valley. On 7/28, two members arrived at the Yosemite SAR cache to assist, along with 4 members at home, in creating an IAP and plans for the following three OP’s. In the morning of 7/29, 7 Marin SAR members, alongside other agency members, were flown to the basecamp at Upper Merced Pass Lake via Helitack 551. Marin was broken into two teams and assigned two respective drainages. On route back to camp from the end of their assignment, one team located the MP’s daypack approximately 15 yds off trail. They conducted a grid-search of the area before ultimately returning to basecamp. The following day, teams were assigned to various search segments in the vicinity of the backpack and trail. No significant clues were discovered and teams hiked to the new base camp. On the third day, teams were assigned segments leading farther down the trail, before hiking to the Mono Meadows trailhead for extraction.

Peaks Pike Search Sonoma 7/27/2021

Marin SAR was requested by Sonoma County to assist in Op 3 for a missing 61 YOM. 22 members responded, both ground searchers and overhead. Search assignments were primarily off trail locations. The MP was located. Medical was administered by team members while a hoist point was located and cleared nearby. Sonoma’s H1 dropped a medic and made the extraction with assistance from SAR members.

Sonoma Tactics Meeting 7/26/2021

Five members assisted in a tactics meeting, transitioning to a new overhead team which included writing plans and an IAP for Op 3, for a missing 61 YOM in Sonoma County.

Bootjack Campground Evidence Search 7/23/2021

Marin SAR was requested by CA State Parks to assist in an evidence search following a domestic violence incident in the area of Bootjack Campground. 14 members responded.

Missing Bear Valley, Pt. Reyes 58YOF Hiker 7/19/2021

Marin SAR was paged out at 0041 by Point Reyes National Seashore for a missing hiker who was camping in the area. 16 members responded. Both e-bike and ground teams were deployed for an overnight hasty search. CHP H-32 utilized FLIR on the eastern side of the search area. Once light, teams were able to identify the subject on the beach below the cliffs. Marin SAR and NPS initiated a technical ground recovery plan, but H1 became available and completed the recovery.

Alameda Missing Runner Op 7 7/31/2021

15 Marin SAR members responded to Pleasanton for Op 7 of the Alameda missing runner search. No clues were found.

Alameda Missing Runner - Op 6 7/18/2021

Marin SAR was requested by Alameda SAR for a 6th OP. The goal was to fill in gaps within the tracks completed during the previous OPs. Alameda requested 40 searchers and got 169 personnel from various agencies. The Marin contingent was split into two technical rope teams and two ground teams, with the rope teams assigned to cover steep drainages that fed off of the MP's planned route. The day was successful in filling in the gaps, but nothing significant was located and teams were released by 1600.

Alameda Missing Runner - Op 5 7/14/2021

11 Marin SAR members responded for OP5. Marin teams were given high priority ground assignments. At the conclusion of OP 5, the decision was made to end large-scale search operations and transition to a "reactionary" presence.

Alameda Missing Runner - Op 4 7/13/2021

13 Marin SAR members responded for OP4, and were given high priority assignments. Most were covered on foot, with one additional technical rope assignment. No clues were located.

Alameda Missing Runner - Op 3 7/12/2021

8 Marin SAR members arrived on scene for an 0800 briefing to begin OP3 with 3 additional arriving over the course of the morning. Marin staffed both Plans and Ops Chief roles, with the remainder of our team deploying into the field. No clues were found.

Alameda Missing Runner - Op 2 7/11/2021

On Saturday July 10th, the Pleasanton Police Department was alerted to an overdue runner in Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park. Saturday, ALCO SAR, East Bay Regional Park District Rangers, PPD, and ACSO deputies searched the trail system within the park primarily using off-road vehicles and dirt bikes. Mutual aid was requested. A total of 14 Marin SAR members responded over the course of the second operational period. Three Marin members deployed with a CARDA K9 to several high priority assignments along the assumed intended route. Marin members took over Ops and Plans in the afternoon. Marin members wrote an IAP and drew up plans for a third operational period. Additional Marin SAR members arrived throughout the day and searching in the field continued until well after dark. At approximately 2230, the ICP was relocated from Moller Ranch Staging Area where the missing person's vehicle had been located, to nearby Foothill High School, where there were adequate facilities to run a major search operation. 3 members remained on scene overnight.

Lost Lakes Missing 17YOM, Alpine County 7/4/2021

Marin SAR was requested by Alpine County to provide ground searchers for a missing 17 YOM who had walked away from camp following an argument. 10 MSAR members responded while two more members provided remote planning help. The team set up our ICP for the incident and were assigned a high probability search area west of the MP’s campsite. Two teams were deployed to cover technical cliff bands while one member remained at ICP to provide support. Shortly after deployment all teams were advised to return to ICP, search efforts were suspended. SAR 4 and 6 were released and SAR 1 remained to facilitate a planning meeting and build the IAP for the next few days. Regrettably the following day, the MP’s remains were located.

Cataract Trail Rescue 7/3/2021

During a PSAR event, 12 Marin SAR members were deployed in the area of Rock Springs on Mt Tamalpais. During the afternoon the team was dispatched to a medical aid on the Cataract Trail. The patient was a male in his 20s that had overdosed, was unconscious, and had an apparent head injury. A ranger and a MSAR team member were first to make patient contact, administering a C Collar, rewarming the patient, and providing oxygen. A gap in trees just north of the trail was utilized to long line the patient via Sonoma County Sheriff Henry 1. The patient was flown to CHP H30 which then transported to John Muir Medical Center.

El Dorado Missing Child 6/25/2021

While near Kirkwood for the team’s summer training camp Marin SAR was notified by El Dorado SAR of a missing 3 YOF in at Gertrude Lake in Desolation Wilderness. After first being placed on standby, MSAR was requested. 15 members were mobilized. Upon arrival at ICP the team was notified that the child was located alive and well. The 15 members returned to Camp Silverado.

Mill Valley Dementia 6/14/2021

After conducting a hasty search for a missing 87 YOM with dementia, Mill Valley Police requested Marin SAR as well as MCSO, UAV team, Central Marin and Tiburon Police Departments, Marin County Open Space District Rangers, and local Mill Valley CERT volunteers. 30 Marin SAR members and two K-9 teams responded. Teams were deployed on foot, e-bikes, and vehicle patrols. Upon receiving the Nixle notification a citizen located the subject after her dog alerted on the subject. Mill Valley and Southern Marin Fire units responded and rendered medical assistance for minor injuries sustained.

Crissy Field Missing 84YOF-Cancelled 6/12/2021

Marin SAR was requested to assist in a limited objective search in the Presidio in San Francisco for an 84 YOF, missing since May 28. 29 members confirmed availability. With the development of new investigative information the search was postponed.

Chimney Rock Recovery 5/21/2021

NPS requested MSAR to assist in a human remains recovery, in the area of Chimney Rock Trailhead within the Point Reyes National Seashore. NPS Rangers and a Coast Guard helicopter located the subject but requested MSAR to assist in the technical recovery. 19 members responded. Once the location of the subject was confirmed, two members were lowered over the side to recover the remains. Upon return topside, the subject was transported by rangers in an NPS UTV to the trailhead.

San Rafael Evidence Search OP 2 5/4/2021

San Rafael PD requested MSAR for a follow up evidence search relating to the previous homicide. 19 members responded, covering a three-acre open space area.

San Rafael Evidence Search 5/4/2021

MSAR was requested by San Rafael Police to assist in an evidence search related to a homicide. 16 members covered six separate plots adjacent to the victim’s location, as well as one additional plot a short distance away. Various pieces of evidence were located.

Missing FEMA K-9 4/26/2021

Marin SAR was requested to assist with remote plans for a missing FEMA K9 in Newark, CA. 5 members assisted, and the dog was located within an hour of MSAR request.

Topaz Dr. Novato - Alzheimer 4/5/2021

Marin SAR was requested by Novato Police to aid in the search for a missing 73 year old female with dementia in the Atherton area of Novato. 21 members arrived on scene within 15 minutes, but while deploying the MP was located by a neighbor. Both SAR EMTs and fire crews did assessments before releasing her.

LA County Mutual Aid 3/13/2021

Marin SAR was requested by LA County to assist in the search for a missing 37 YOF hiker in the Angeles National Forest. While en route, she was located deceased and MSAR was cancelled.

Tuolumne County Mutual Aid 3/8/2021

Marin SAR was requested by Tuolumne SAR to assist in the search for a 31 YOM whose vehicle was located in a snow park at the end of Hwy 108. 20 members responded, searching 40-70 acre segments with alpine snow equipment. No significant clues were located and the search was suspended due to an incoming storm.

China Camp Evidence Search 2/28/2021

Marin SAR assisted the MCSO in an evidence search around the area where a body was located in China Camp State Park. 29 members responded, searching a 10 acre area for about 4 hours.

San Rafael Missing Man 2/25/2021

42 SAR members and a trailing K-9 team deployed to assist San Rafael Police for a missing 72 year old male at risk in the downtown area of San Rafael. Ground and E-bike teams covered a wide area while identifying surveillance cameras. After covering a wide area with no find, clues came in that indicated he likely was no longer in the area. The K9 team identified a probable direction of travel, which was later confirmed. Eight hours later the subject surfaced at a family residence out of the immediate search area.

Indian Valley Missing Woman 2/18/2021

Marin SAR was requested to assist in ongoing search efforts for an at-risk 73 year-old female hiker who went missing this afternoon near the College of Marin Indian Valley Campus. The overdue hiker was likely missing in the surrounding hills. A hasty search of the campus area found no clues. 30 Marin SAR members responded to the scene. They joined COM Police, Novato PD, and Marin County Sheriff deputies in the search effort. Ground and E-Bike search teams deployed at 7:45 pm. A search team located the missing person at 9:10 p.m., in need of medical assistance. Novato Fire responded and after evaluation, they transported the hiker off the mountain to a waiting ambulance, then to a local hospital.

Fairfax Evidence Search 2/17/2021

MCSO Coroner requested a MSAR response to assist with an evidence search in an area where human remains were located in the Marin watershed.

K9 Evidence Search - Marin Headlands 2/17/2021

One MSAR K9 team was requested by GGNRA to assist with an ongoing criminal investigation. The K9 team was tasked to look for scent specific evidence relating to this case

Terra Linda Missing Dementia 2/13/2021

On Saturday February 13th, Marin SAR was requested by San Rafael PD to assist in the search for a missing 80 YOF with dementia from a long-term care facility. As 37 members were responding to the scene, she was located by a San Francisco paramedic due to the BOLO alert.

Battery Rathbone Evidence Search - Marin Headlands 1/23/2021

Marin SAR was requested by GGNRA to assist in a day long technical evidence search off the cliffs near Battery Rathbone. 16 members completed four rope evolutions, systematically searching a cliff face that dropped 400ft to the ocean.

Missing Person Covelo, Mendocino 1/14/2021

On January 14th, Marin SAR deployed 9 members to assist Mendocino SAR with the search for a missing man last seen on his remote property in Northern Covelo on 1/5/21. Teams were deployed into the field and located several significant clues. Unfortunately the MP was later found deceased by search teams.

Vaccination POD Support #2 1/10/2021

1/10/21-1/30/21 -Marin SAR was asked to support the County of Marin's First Responder Vaccination program. The team had two people working on the Coordination Committee for the Office of Emergency Services, helping to set up and manage the vaccination site. SAR also had many volunteers working shifts at the site to help get First Responders, Healthcare Workers, and other essential workers vaccinated. This POD delivered the first and second dose of the vaccine.