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Muir Beach Missing Teen 12/31/2020

On New Years Eve at 22:55 Marin County SAR was requested to assist in search efforts for a missing 17-year-old male who went missing on the cliffs overlooking the south side of Muir Beach. Southern Marin Fire, Muir Beach Fire as well as assets from US Park Police, NPS Rangers, Stinson Beach Fire, CHP, and USCG helicopters had been looking for the subject since 2131 when he had eluded park police. A search manager responded to evaluate the search. Once he arrived, the subject was located.

Vaccination POD Support Dose #1 12/20/2020

12/20/20-12/28/20 - Marin SAR was asked to support the County of Marin's First Responder Vaccination program. The team had two people working on the Coordination Committee for the Office of Emergency Services, helping to set up and manage the vaccination site. SAR also had many volunteers working shifts at the site to help get Level 1 First Responders vaccinated. This POD delivered the first dose of the vaccine.

Cataract Trail Rescue 12/6/2020

SAR was requested to assist in a trail rescue for a 55 YOF that had broken her ankle on the Cataract Trail. 4 members responded and assisted MCFD and RVFD in the ¼ mile carryout of the woman down the steep and treacherous trail to an awaiting ambulance where she was transported to a local hospital.

Cascade Canyon Missing Hiker and Dog - OP 1 & 2 12/5/2020

On Saturday December 5th at 2314 hours, Marin SAR was requested by Fairfax PD to respond for a missing 70 YOM hiker and his dog in the area of Cascade Canyon. 34 members responded, and were immediately deployed to the Cascade Canyon area searching trails, and drainages. MMWD, MCOSD and RVFD also participated in the search. After several hours of searching with no results the management team decided to request mutual aid for the next day. Teams were called back to the CP and released by 0400 to get some sleep for the next day. At 0700 the next morning, 32 members responded. As members started arriving at the CP, the subject got cell reception and was able to call his wife and 911. His cell location was traced to a steep, deep drainage in the upper San Anselmo Creek area. Multiple SAR teams along with Fire and Ranger teams were dispatched to both Repack Road and Cascade Creek but were hampered by extremely difficult terrain. Eventually, a helicopter was available and hoisted the MP to an awaiting ambulance. Him and his dog were healthy and released to his family.

Missing 10YOM - Cancelled 11/26/2020

A 10 year old boy went missing from his foster home in San Rafael. Due to the uncertainty of this being a runaway or SAR callout, San Rafael PD searched before SAR was called. Within 5 minutes, the boy was located.

Missing 81YOF Dementia Corte Madera 11/20/2020

At 0442 Friday 11/20 Marin SAR was requested to assist Central Marin PD in searching for a missing 81-year-old subject who suffers from Alzheimer's in Corte Madera. 29 members responded and quickly deployed into the surrounding neighborhoods. Luckily, she was quickly located in someone's front yard with minor injuries. She was evaluated by CMFD and transported to a local hospital.

Missing 53 YO Male Fairfax - OP's 1-7 10/31/2020

On Saturday October 31, 2020 Marin SAR was alerted that Sheriff Deputies had located the vehicle for a missing man, a fifty-three-year-old Fairfax resident that had been missing since August 18, 2020. Marin SAR conducted an initial search in the town of Lagunitas and Mt. Barnabe the first day, locating no clues. On the second day of the search, SAR teams from around the Bay Area came with about 70 searchers. Unfortunately no clues were located. The search was then expanded to include several surrounding areas. After operations on November 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 8th, and 22nd, the MP was not located and the search has been suspended.

Mendocino Remains Search 10/24/2020

On October 24th, Mendocino SAR requested Marin SAR directly to support the search for any remains from a search suspended two years prior. A bone was located by a forest service worker, but no DNA was able to be collected. The goal was to locate any more bones that have DNA. 13 members responded and spent a day searching a steep, thick, drainage for any remains. Nothing conclusive was located and teams were released.

El Dorado Missing 84 YO 10/22/2020

Marin SAR responded to a mutual aid request in El Dorado County to search for an 84 YOM who had gone hiking from his home at approximately 2:30 PM Sunday, 10/18. Marin SAR responded with 15 members to search during the fifth and sixth operation periods. On the sixth day a ground team found him deceased.

Collier Springs Trail Rescue 10/10/2020

On Saturday, October 10th at 3PM Marin SAR was requested by Ross Valley Fire to assist in a technical carryout on the Collier Springs trail for reports of an injured hiker with a severe back injury on the steep upper section of the Collier Springs trail. Multiple local members responded while 24 members were also responding, but were on their way back from Mendocino. The Collier Springs Trail required rigging for many sections and handoffs of the litter. Once the litter reached the bottom, flatter portion of the trail, the team could continue without ropes. In all, 33 SAR members and four engine companies responded to the incident. The patient was transported to the hospital with serious injuries.

Mendocino Bear Search 10/10/2020

Mendocino SAR requested mutual aid for a missing 71 YOF who was reported missing from her car late afternoon October 8, 2020. Chris was supposed to meet her friends on a dirt road off Highway 20 near Fort Bragg to cut firewood for the winter and got lost on the dirt roads. She left her vehicle to try to make it to the highway. 24 members responded to the third operational period and about one hour into searching a team started hearing responses to their voice calls. The woman was located in the bottom of the drainage alive and well. She hiked up to the closest road with some teams and was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

LNU Fire Support 9/27/2020

Marin SAR was requested to respond with four members up to LNU Headquarters to assist the North Bay IMT in map printing and logistical support for the recently sparked Glass Fire. SAR resources were released that night.

PSAR - Ridgecrest Medical Aid 9/27/2020

As SAR units were arriving at the mountain theater for PSAR, a medical response was toned out for a bicyclist down on ridgecrest near willow camp fire road. SAR arrived on scene with the State Parks ranger. We assisted parks in a medical assessment of the patient. The patient had suffered a fall off her bike traveling approximately 10 mph. She had some minor abrasions and lacerations.

Santa Venetia Missing Juveniles 9/25/2020

On September 25th at 1237 Marin SAR was requested to assist in the search for two missing juveniles in Santa Venetia. Two juveniles aged 11 and 13 were reported missing from their foster home. We deployed four ground teams and two e-bikes. As the search was ramping up, we received new information of a cell phone ping in the area of Hamilton, Novato. As the first teams were preparing to go to Novato, a deputy located the missing juveniles with their friend in Novato. Members repackaged all the gear and everyone was released.

Bootjack Missing Camper 9/21/2020

Around 1100, Marin SAR was requested by State Parks to search for a missing camper from the Bootjack Campground on Mt. Tam. He was last in contact with his brother by phone at 0330 and was at risk as he had not taken his medications the night before for bipolar disorder. 36 members responded and got sent over the entire mountain as Bootjack is a centerpoint on Tam. A couple hours later a civilian located him at the Mountain Theater and brought him back to the command post. He refused medical assistance and was released to his family.

Bear Fire Deployment OP 1 & 2 9/17/2020

Marin SAR was requested to support the search efforts in Butte County for the Bear Fire searching for people who were reported missing after or during the fire. Search teams searched rural properties and roads around Lake Oroville. Around 30 Marin SAR members deployed over the four day period to support this effort. Teams as far as San Diego came to assist.

Mill Valley Missing Dementia 9/12/2020

On Saturday, September 12th, Marin SAR was requested by Mill Valley PD to assist in the search for an 82-year-old woman with severe dementia who wandered away from her home. Shortly after 1 hour of searching, she was located by a citizen who flagged down a nearby SAR team. She was examined by paramedics and released on scene. A total of 50 members responded to this incident.

Labor Day Weekend PSAR and Trail Rescues 9/6/2020

Throughout all three days of Labor Day Weekend, Marin SAR staged at the mountain theater to conduct PSAR (Preventative SAR) by handing out waters and maps to hikers, utilizing e-bike, UTV, and hiking teams. On Sunday, September 6th, multiple hikers needed assistance with heat-related illnesses due to the 100+ degree temperatures. One e-bike team first assisted Muir Beach Fire Department on the Miwok Trail with a 1.5-mile carryout to Frank Valley Road. Immediately following that incident, the e-bike team as well as the UTV/Hiking team were requested by Stinson Beach Fire Department with a carryout on the Dipsea Trail. Teams transported the litter with the patient up the Dipsea to a clearing where CHP-H30 flew her to Throckmorton Ridge Fire station for transport. During that incident, another ground team assisted Marin County Fire Department with medical aid on the Coastal Fire Road. No carryout was needed as she could walk to the vehicle with assistance.

Estero Tomales Missing ATV Rider 8/30/2020

On August 30th at 0100, Marin SAR was requested for a search for a 40 YOM that was riding ATV’s with his friends when they got separated. 18 members responded to the remote ranch land in between Dillon Beach and Bodega Bay. Teams were deployed on foot, ATVs, UTV, and E-bikes. Around 0430, a ground team located the subject alive but injured, in a ravine due to an ATV crash. An extended trail rescue was conducted to the awaiting ambulance and the subject was transported to the hospital.

Yosemite Mutual Aid - Canceled 8/27/2020

On August 27th around 1430, Marin SAR was requested by Yosemite National Park to assist in the search for a 68 YOM last known to be hiking down from Half Dome. Marin SAR was put on standby as Cal OES attempted to fill the request with closer counties. The subject was located that evening alive and well.

Woodward Fire Evacuation Support 8/24/2020

On August 24th around 1700, Marin SAR was requested by Marin SO along with other agencies to assist in the evacuations of residents in the Point Reyes area due to the threat of the Woodward Fire. A remote planning team started assembling evacuation plans, while 17 members went to the scene to prepare for the evacuations. Fortunately, the winds shifted and Marin SAR was not needed.SAR was released at 2200.

CZU Lightning Complex Fire Evac Support 8/21/2020

On August 21st, Marin SAR was requested by Santa Cruz SAR and Santa Cruz SO to send an overhead planning team to the CZU Lightning Complex to assist with evacuation planning. 5 members responded in person, and another 6 supported from home. With tens of thousands of residents needing to evacuate at such short notice, many plans had to be assembled to ensure a safe evacuation. An additional 10 members supported finalizing the plans the following day.

Tamarancho Trail Rescue 8/9/2020

On August 9th, Marin SAR was requested by Ross Valley FD to assist on the trail rescue of an elderly female with a head injury on the Alchemy Trail near Tamarancho. As 5 members of Marin SAR arrived, they were tasked with deploying equipment to the scene. As SAR made their way up the trail, Ross Valley FD determined the patient was ambulatory enough to walk down to the ambulance. SAR was canceled, and the subject was transported.

Missing Hiker Watershed 8/5/2020

On August 5th, Marin SAR was requested by Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD) for a missing adult female who went on a solo hike in the MMWD near Sky Oaks. A couple of hours into the search the subject was located by a MMWD Ranger near Alpine Lake with a minor leg injury and SAR teams were sent to assist. A boat was deployed to retrieve her and bring her back to her vehicle.

Cataract Critical Injury Trail Rescue - Cancel 7/24/2020

On July 24th, Marin SAR was requested by Ross Valley FD, Marin County FD, and MMWD to assist in the trail rescue of a 22 year-old-female with a serious lower leg injury. While the team was en route, enough fire resources arrived on scene to handle and Marin SAR was canceled.

Missing Elderly Dementia Eldridge, Mill Valley 7/19/2020

On July 19th, Marin SAR was requested by Mill Valley PD to assist in the search for a 78 YOM with dementia that did not return from his daily walk. 42 members responded to the search. After the first team was sent into the field, they interviewed a dog walker who reported the subject was returning home. The man returned home and was transported by paramedics to a local hospital.

Missing Camper El Dorado County 7/12/2020

On Sunday, July 12th, 21 Marin SAR members deployed to El Dorado County to aid in the 9th operational period for a missing 66-year-old male who went missing from his campsite. The Marin team stayed together for one large assignment, sweeping down a hillside with extremely thick brush and manzanita, with an elevation change of 2000 feet. Teams were pulled out of the field early due to the suspension of the search. Six members returned home while 16 were diverted to Madera County for a separate search.

Missing Camper Madera County OP 1-3 7/9/2020

The Madera County Sheriff’s Office requested mutual aid through CAL OES in the search for a 54 YOF missing camper in the Sierra National Forest north of Bass Lake. Her campsite was disheveled and her vehicle was found crashed into a shallow ravine a few miles north of her campsite. She also came into contact with a couple of hikers supposedly after the crash. She was barefoot, seemed disoriented, and refused medical care. On July 9th, Marin SAR deployed 7 members for one day which were split into an e-bike team and a ground team. Once the e-bike team concluded their assignment, they joined the second Marin team to conclude an additional assignment. No clues were located. On July 10th, Marin SAR deployed another 4 members. They completed a large group assignment. No clues were located during this operation. On July 14th, 16 Marin SAR members were diverted from El Dorado County to support an additional operational period. Due to clues the previous day in higher elevation, the search was focused closer to the border of Yosemite National Park. Teams were flown by National Guard Blackhawk UH-60 into their assignment. Teams were released and returned home around midnight. This entire search consisted of type 1 terrain.

San Rafael Missing Dementia 7/9/2020

San Rafael Police requested assistance in the search for a missing 79-year-old elderly female with dementia. She was the subject of a search and SAR team find last year. She was located by San Rafael PD shortly after the activation of the team.

Mill Valley Missing Teen 6/16/2020

At 4:30 in the morning, Marin SAR was requested to assist in the search for a 17 year-old-female. She was known to be in an altered state of consciousness. 42 members were deployed and teams searched the areas within Tam Valley, extending out to Sausalito and Panoramic Highway. A team located the subject around 10:00 in a resident’s garage. She was taken to an awaiting ambulance for further evaluation.

Sausalito Evidence Search 6/7/2020

At 2:30 in the morning, Marin SAR was requested by Sausalito PD and MCSO to conduct an evidence search to locate a weapon used during a domestic disturbance. 7 members responded, and the firearm was located within an hour and MSAR was released.

Tucker Trail Rescue 5/30/2020

Marin SAR was requested to assist in a trail rescue at the intersection of Tucker Trail and Bill Williams Trail where a 60 YOF had taken a 40 foot fall into a ravine and had sustained a head injury. 17 members were diverted from the Bolinas-Fairfax search to assist. CHP H-32 responded to conduct a hoist-rescue, and in the event that they could not execute it, a SAR carryout was Plan B. Marin SAR helped carry the patient to a wider clearing for CHP to conduct a hoist. The hoist was successful and the members returned to the search.

Rio Nido Missing Boy 5/28/2020

Sonoma County requested Marin SAR to assist in the search for a 13 YOM last seen swimming in the Russian River in Rio Nido, Sonoma County. Marin SAR was canceled an hour after the request due to a find.

San Rafael Missing Dementia 5/25/2020

Marin SAR was requested by San Rafael Police to assist in the search for a 78 YOF with dementia. SRPD located her within minutes and Marin SAR was canceled en route.

Fort Bragg Missing Man OP 2 and 5 5/25/2020

Marin SAR was requested by Mendocino Sheriff to support on the second day of the search for a 77-year-old man who went missing from his house north of Fort Bragg. Marin SAR deployed 12 members, one K9, and the UTV. Two Marin teams were assigned to 35-acre assignments enduring dense poison oak, and tick-infested overgrown woods that took about 4.5 hours to complete. No clues were found and each team was debriefed and returned home that evening. Marin SAR was requested to assist in OP 5 on 6/7. The team deployed 19 members, 17 of whom arrived the night before to sleep at the Command Post. The team was split up into four teams, whose assignments consisted of very dense brush and unstable ground, taking about 7 hours to complete. No significant clues were found and the team returned that evening.

Oakmont Missing Dementia 5/6/2020

Marin SAR was requested to support ongoing search operations in Sonoma County. Sonoma SAR had been searching for an 82-year-old who went missing from his house in Oakmont, a retirement community just outside Santa Rosa. Marin SAR deployed 29 members and one trailing dog. A Marin SAR team located our subject down but alive in a gully. A team consisting of Marin SAR and Santa Rosa Fire personnel performed a low angle extrication to an awaiting AMR ambulance for transport to a local hospital.

COVID-19 Alternative Care Site Set-Up 4/29/2020

Marin EOC requested 10 SAR members to set up a 35-bed alternative care site at the Marin Center for the COVID-19 response in Marin County. 35 cots had to be assembled, organized, made with bedding, and labeled. Additional tasks were also completed including cleaning and assembling carts.

Missing Girl Nevada County 4/23/2020

Marin SAR was requested for mutual aid by CAL OES for a missing 14-year-old autistic female. As management started evaluating, the subject was located and the mission was canceled.

Corte Madera Ave Missing Child 4/7/2020

Marin SAR was requested by the Mill Valley Police Department to assist in an ongoing search for a 4-6 YOM who was spotted alone by an unrelated 15-year-old. This search remained on a limited objective basis due to the unusual nature of no parents contacting 911 nor MVPD reporting a family member missing. Marin SAR fielded 10 ground team assignments, 1 K9 assignment, and 1 Ebike assignment. No clues were noted, however, no parents have reported a child missing in the area.

Bolinas-Fairfax Missing Person OP 1-6 4/6/2020

MSAR was requested to search for a missing 69 YOM in the Fairfax Area. On April 6th, thirty-three members, including two K-9 cadaver teams, arrived on scene and over the course of six hours covered twelve assignments. On April 11th, another limited objective operational period took place. To minimize risk exposure to COVID-19, each team was composed of members who are all in the same family. No clues were found. On May 30th, a third operational period took place with forty-seven members being deployed. Three K9 teams and multiple ground teams covered areas around the missing person’s house, adjacent properties, and drainages. No clues were located. On June 16th, Marin SAR conducted a fourth operational period where teams searched the buildings and areas in and around the property. 25 members were deployed as well as 1 K9 and the UAV team. No additional clues were located. On July 1st, 25 members and two K9-HRD responded for the fifth operational period searching areas off the roadway and completing neighborhood canvassing. No significant clues were located. On August 9th, 38 members responded for the sixth operational period. The efforts were focused in Cascade Canyon and on the areas bordering the Meadow Club golf course. The Verizon first responder crisis response team supported Marin SAR with cellular data and wifi hotspots. No significant clues were located.

EOC Logistic Support 4/6/2020

Marin EOC requested 10 SAR members to assist with sorting medical equipment and loading trailers to be prepared to be sent to alternate care locations during the COVID-19 response in Marin County.

COVID-19 LE Support 3/27/2020

Marin SAR helped create the proposed COVID-19 Law Enforcement Contingency Plan.

Missing Mill Valley Teen 3/15/2020

Marin SAR was requested by the Mill Valley Police Department to assist with the search for an autistic 16 YOM. Mill Valley Police found the boy shortly after, and the team was never paged out.

San Rafael Missing Dementia 3/4/2020

MSAR was requested by the Central Marin Police Department for a missing 85 YOF with dementia. MSAR utilized a combination of teams on foot and in vehicles to begin a wide area search of San Anselmo. At 10:30 a resident reported an elderly female was knocking on their door requesting to come in. SAR teams and officers were on her heels and arrived in moments to find her in good condition.

Lagunitas Missing Despondent 3/2/2020

Marin SAR was requested for ongoing search efforts for a missing 73 YOM in Lagunitas. MSAR established a management team to plan for a search and teams for a missing 73 YOM. Search teams conducted hasty search assignments in the immediate area. No significant clues were reported from the search assignments. After further investigation, the MP was found in a treatment facility in Southern California.

Tennessee Valley Missing Despondent 3/2/2020

Marin SAR was requested to search for a missing 56YOM in Tennessee Valley. There were 2 OP periods utilizing ground and K-9 teams. During OP 2, the MP was located deceased by an NPS ranger.

San Rafael Missing Dementia 2/24/2020

San Rafael Police requested SAR for a missing 72 YOM with dementia who was last seen at noon by his wife. Twenty-two members responded, He was located by a San Rafael Police unit a short time later.

Marinwood Missing Hiker 2/18/2020

Marin SAR was requested for a missing hiker in Marinwood. Responding members arrived at the scene at 14:15 and set up the ICP. Many Marin SAR members were diverted from the ongoing search in Inverness. SAR deployed a number of hasty teams by ground, e-bike, and UTV. A Marin K9 team found an area of interest about 1000m down the trail from the MP’s car. An additionalK9 team arrived to confirm the interest. The second team located the MP alive, but unresponsive. MSAR carried the patient to the UTV and drove him to a waiting ALS ambulance at the trailhead.

Inverness Missing Couple 2/16/2020

Marin SAR was requested for a missing couple in the town of Inverness. Teams began to hasty search the trails and beaches in the nearby Tomales Bay State Park and surrounding community. Teams encountered very dense and often impenetrable vegetation off all trails surrounding the cottage and greater neighborhood. Resources included trailing and area K-9 teams, UAV’s, ground search teams, H-32, Marin County Fire RWCs for the adjacent water areas, E-bikes, and a ground team with thermal imaging binoculars and a parabolic mic. The next day, Mutual Aid SAR teams from Sonoma, Napa, Contra Costa, Alameda, San Mateo, BAMRU, CARDA along with State Parks, Marin County Fire Water Rescue, NPS and aviation units from the Highway Patrol arrived to support the Marin County Sheriff’s assets in the search. By the end of the OP 2, 49 search assignments were completed. The next 4 days search assignments were completed by ground teams, K-9 search teams, UAV teams, water search assets, and helicopters. In OP 7, ground teams, K-9 teams, UAV teams, and a mounted posse team were deployed. Approximately 90 minutes into their assignment, a K-9 team located the missing couple after hearing them shout for help. The ICP initiated a rescue response, utilizing a helicopter for the extraction of the couple.

Pedro Ridge Missing Person 2/15/2020

Marin SAR was requested to assist deputies and rangers to search for a missing female who was off-trail on San Pedro Ridge. The subject was confused about her location and had only a little cell phone battery remaining. Shortly after an ICP was set up, her husband called and reported he had located her and he was taught how to share GPS data from his phone. SAR arrived on scene shortly afterward and assisted the lost party.

Ross Missing Dementia 2/8/2020

Marin SAR was called to assist the Sheriff’s Office with a missing adult female with dementia in Ross. The subject went missing between 1 am and 8 am from her home.. As Marin SAR was setting up the CP at the Sheriff’s Substation at College of Marin, the subject was located by a neighbor.

K9 Technical Rescue 2/5/2020

Marin SAR was requested to assist Marin County Open Space Rangers with a technical rope rescue of a 16-year-old K9 that had been missing for 30 hours. Two MCOSD Rangers located Coco but due to her condition, SAR prepared for a rope rescue operation. After a primary assessment, Coco was raised, reunited with her owner, and transported by the Marin Humane Society to a nearby pet hospital.

Tam Valley Despondent 1/23/2020

Marin SAR was requested to assist in a search for a missing 19YOF despondent. As SAR was arriving on scene, friends and family of the missing female convinced her to seek help. She was driven by a friend to the Mill Valley Public Safety Building where she was contacted by officers and transported to MGH.

Mariposa Missing Person 1/23/2020

Marin SAR responded with thirteen members to assist Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office in the search for a missing 75 YOM. Marin was configured into two teams, each team being assigned area search segments. Utilizing new thermal imaging binoculars, members reported spotting a mountain lion and could see small rodents from long distances. A Tulare County SAR team made contact with the subject. They conducted a short carryout to a nearby road and transported him by ambulance.

Butte County Missing Biker 1/20/2020

Marin SAR was requested by Butte County in a search for a dirt bike rider. One Marin member was assigned as plans chief, while the others were assigned to ground and K9 teams. The missing biker was found uninjured.

Fairfax Missing Hikers 1/15/2020

44 SAR members assisted in a call for 2 missing hikers in Cascade Canyon. A ranger was able to get the missing party’s GPS coordinates. 8 ground teams covered nearby trails, finding the 2 missing people in thick brush and steep terrain. The patients were ambulatory and SAR teams helped them walk out.

Steep Ravine Carryout 1/4/2020

While at a night navigation class at San Domenico School, a 5 person team of Marin SAR members was requested by Stinson Beach Fire to assist with a carryout. SAR response was canceled en route.