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Bolinas Missing Person 12/28/2016

Marin SAR was requested to assist in the search for a missing 83 year old male from Bolinas. The subject suffered from dementia and was last seen walking from his home earlier that day. Several sightings came in. Teams were deployed to these areas and just before midnight, one of our SAR K9’s found the subject in a field. The subject was uninjured and was not responding to voice calls from searchers. 32 members responded to assist in this great outcome!

Marin County EOC Support 12/15/2016

Four members assisted the Marin County EOC during severe rains and king tides. Members staffed phones and provided support to EOC staff.

Mendocino Missing Person - Cancelled 12/15/2016

Marin sent 12 members to assist in the search for a missing 61 year old mushroom picker. As the team was responding, the subject was located. She was cold, but otherwise in good condition.

Tiburon Missing Person 11/28/2016

Tiburon Police requested a SAR response for a missing 82 year old male with advanced dementia. Tiburon searched for the subject but was unable to locate him. An extensive search plan was created by the first Search Manager on scene. As more members were responding and arriving, the subject was located in Sausalito walking down the street. Sausalito PD transporting the subject to the command post. It is likely that the subject was able to get a ride, but much of the day was unaccounted for. 33 members were responding or were on scene.

Mendocino County Mutual Aid - Day 2 11/26/2016

Marin responded a second wave of searches who were deployed on an area assignment. As members were returning to the CP around lunchtime, a BAMRU member spotted the missing person stumbling down the road and rushed to assist her. A medical team evaluated the subject and began warming her up. She was out in very cold, wet weather for 72 hours and was in generally good condition besides being very cold. She was transported to the hospital by ambulance. Five Marin members assisted during this OP period.

Mendocino County Mutual Aid - Day 1 11/25/2016

19 Marin SAR members responded to a remote area of Mendocino County to assist in the search for a missing 58 year old mushroom picker. The subject became separated from her nephew and did not return to the vehicle as planned. The area was about 1900 feet but densely forested, with muddy and steep terrain. Marin responded with our UTV and two ATV’s and were deployed on various assignments. Several potential relevant clues were located, but the subject was not located during the OP period.

Del Norte Mutual Aid 11/24/2016

Del Norte County had a protracted search for two missing hikers in the eastern end of the county in a wilderness area. Recent storms had blocked roads and access to the area. As Marin was coordinating our response, the subjects were located by Del Norte ground teams.

Pine Mountain Thanksgiving Bike Ride Support 11/24/2016

Each year, Marin SAR works with County Open Space, Marin Municipal Water District and the Sheriff’s Office to support the annual Thanksgiving Bike Ride around Pine Mountain. Several hundred mountain bikers take part in this tradition and the agencies involved are there to keep everyone safe and respond to any incidents. 14 SAR members assisted and were split into multiple teams. One incident was reported that SAR responded to. It was a mountain bike injury with an obvious broken ankle. The patient was stabilized and transported by UTV to the Command Post and a waiting ambulance.

Calistoga Mutual Aid 11/23/2016

Marin responded with 11 members to support the search for a missing person in Calistoga. A few hours into the search, the subject was located at the residence she went missing from and all resources were released.

Mill Valley Missing Person 11/1/2016

The Sheriff’s Office requested the SAR team to respond to the Homestead Valley area of Mill Valley for a missing 74 year old male missing from his home. The subject was suffering from a recent and rapid onset of dementia. He had a recent history of going missing and was found several miles away. Teams searched throughout the night. A reverse 911 call went out advises those in the area to keep an eye out for the subject. About 45 minutes into the search, a walker reported a possible sighting. Teams converged into the area and a boot and a trekking pole were located. K9 teams worked the area extensively. Mutual Aid was requested for the next morning. At about 0800 hours, a CARDA trailing team picked up on the subjects scent heading up a steep hill and located the subject. He was in generally good condition, and was transported to the hospital for evaluation. 30 members assisted with the search.

Muir Beach Missing Person 10/27/2016

SAR was requested to Muir Beach for a missing 71 year old male with dementia. The subject had been missing for 10 hours. As our 28 members were responding, the subject was located at a relative’s house in the East Bay.

Steep Ravine Missing Person - Day 3 10/29/2016

An additional focused day of searching was conducted for the missing male near Steep Ravine. Technical assignments were conducted, including rope supported searching of the cliffs. At the same time the Marin County Water Rescue team conducted more water based searching and a K9 assisted as well. Terrain was steep with dense brush in many areas. Some potential clues were located, but nothing definitive.

Steep Ravine Missing Person - Day 2 10/22/2016

Marin responded the next morning to conduct more extensive searches in daylight. This included a water group searching the coastline and water areas from Stinson Beach to Muir Beach and a helicopter searching the rugged cliffs near the vehicle. Ground searchers also searched areas more thoroughly. Extensive investigations were also completed. 18 members responded with no additional clues located.

Steep Ravine Missing Person - Day 1 10/21/2016

State Parks requested the SAR team after a vehicle was found on the side of the road near Steep Ravine. The vehicle was a rental car that had been there for three days with no activity. A limited objective search was completed of the vehicle and the surrounding areas that could be safely searched at night. No additional clues were located. 30 members assisted.

Inyo County Missing Person - Unfilled 10/21/2016

Marin SAR was requested to assist in a Type 1 search in Inyo County. Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park was conducting a parallel search for a missing 74 year old backpacker. Unfortunately, Marin was unable to fill the request.

El Dorado Missing Aircraft - Unfilled 10/16/2016

El Dorado County requested strong type 1 teams for a missing/downed aircraft in Desolation Wilderness west of Lake Tahoe. Because of the terrain and conditions, we were unable to find a qualified leader and were unable to fill the request. Teams were able to located the aircraft and the deceased pilot the following day.

Tuolumne County Mutual Aid - Unfilled 10/4/2016

As our team was returning from Nevada County, we were requested to respond to Tuolumne County for a missing fisherman. Due to inadequate availability and extensive recent searches, we were unable to fill the request.

Nevada County Mutual Aid 10/3/2016

Mutual aid was requested by Nevada County for a missing Hunter northwest of Truckee. 10 members responded along with one K9. The PLS was a hunting cabin as the subject got separated from his group nearby. As teams were being deployed, some family members heard a response to one of their voice calls. A CHP helicopter was requested and extricated the subject to an ambulance who transported him to the hospital. He was in good condition overall and had found an abandoned campsite with a sleeping bag and also used a canoe as a shelter to protect himself from the early season snowstorms.

San Rafael Missing Person - Cancelled 10/2/2016

The Marin County Sheriff’s Office requested the SAR team for a missing elderly walk-a-way from the Veterans Auditorium near the Civic Center. As the team was being paged out, the subject was located and SAR was cancelled.

Greenbrae Missing Person - Cancelled 9/28/2016

SAR was activated for a missing person in Greenbrae. As the team was being paged out, the subject was located by Central Marin Police and SAR was cancelled.

Yosemite Mutual Aid - Day 3 9/29/2016

A third wave of members responded to Yosemite to support the missing person search. Three members were paired with two BAMRU members and two NPS employees. The search area was near Lukens Lake and there were reports of the subject being seen in this area. Unfortunately no clues were located and the search was suspended.

Yosemite Mutual Aid - Day 2 9/27/2016

A second wave responded and joined the initial group in the search for the missing 74 year old male. Five additional members responded. Assignments were expanding into rougher terrain. Unfortunately no clues were located over the two days of searching.

Yosemite Mutual Aid - Day 1 9/27/2016

Yosemite National Park requested mutual aid assistance in the search for a 74 year old missing man out of the White Wolf Campground. The individual had been camping alone and was not seen in several days. Four members responded and completed a large area assignment not far from the campground covering 11 miles during the day.

Sawmill Fire IMT Support 9/25/2016

Marin SAR responded with four members to assist the North Bay Incident Management team and Cal-Fire. Members provided basic mapping and planning support to the fire.

Mendocino County Mutual Aid 9/20/2016

Marin SAR responded for a mutual aid request from Mendocino County for two missing hunters in their 20’s who had left for a hunt on Sunday morning at 0700 and planned to return and never made it back to their camp. Both men were in good shape with one having prior military experience. The search area was in a very remote location of the northern Mendocino National Forest. Seven Marin SAR members that included a K-9 training team responded along with teams from Napa, Contra Costa and San Mateo/BAMRU. 52 hours after they were last seen six teams and a National Guard Helicopter were deployed when a family member received a voice mail the missing pair had made it out to a Forest Service road 8 miles away and flagged down a passerby. The missing pair reported they became lost early on in their hunt and traveled 13 miles Sunday (recorded on a watch before the battery died). They struggled with dehydration and had no food during their two days lost, but stayed close to the Eel River for water.

Mt Tam Trail Rescue 8/30/2016

Marin SAR was requested the County Fire to assist with a rescue after three subjects became trapped down a steep embankment. Sufficient resources were responding and SAR was cancelled.

Clayton Fire Support 8/14/2016

12 members responded to Lake County to support various agencies fighting a fast moving fire that burned through Lower Lake. By the time Marin was able to get to the Command Post, winds had diminished and fire activity lessened. Unfortunately numerous homes and businesses were burned by the fire.

Nevada County Mutual Aid 8/10/2016

The Nevada County search continued and we were fielding a team when we received word that a SAR member on the search was shot and the search was suspended. Fortunately the SAR member survived, but has a long recovery.

Nevada County Mutual Aid 8/9/2016

Nevada County requested additional assistance but due to recent search activity, Marin was unable to fill the request.

Nevada County Mutual Aid 8/7/2016

Nine Marin members responded to assist in a large search in a remote area of Nevada County. Numerous agencies responded and searched the rugged terrain for a 71 year old male the was camping with family in the area. Teams were deployed on challenging assignments including needing to deploy ropes to search the area. Teams were well supported, but no significant clues were located.

Cold Fire IMT Support 8/4/2016

Two members assisted with logistical support and shuttling vehicles for the North Bay IMT and Marin SAR.

Cold Fire IMT Support 8/3/2016

Four members continued to provided mapping and other logistical support for the ongoing Cold Fire.

Cold Fire IMT Support 8/2/2016

Marin SAR responded with three members to provide mapping support to the North Bay Incident Management Team and Cal-Fire for a vegetation fire near Lake Berryessa.

Alpine County Missing Person 8/5/2016

Alpine County conducted a large follow up search with over 200 searchers representing 27 county’s. 11 Marin members responded and helped with overhead and ground searching. Some potentially relevant clues were located outside of the original search area. Several large drainages were searched as well as thoroughly searching around the campsite one more time for clues. One additional search day was conducted before the search was suspended after 19 operational periods by the Alpine County Sheriff and the subject remains missing.

Alpine County Missing Person 8/3/2016

Alpine County continued searching for the missing subject and Marin sent 5 more members to assist which were configured into two teams. No relevant clues were located.

Alpine County Missing Person 8/1/2016

Marin sent 8 more members that assisted with overhead and ground searching. Multiple assignments were completed throughout the day. That evening, Marin assisted with overhead and completion of planning for extended search efforts.

Alpine County Missing Person 7/31/2016

5 additional Marin members responded and assisted Alpine County with this desperate search.

Alpine County Missing Person 7/30/2016

A 71 year old woman was camping near Lake Alpine in Alpine County and went for a hike but didn’t return. Marin responded with 16 members to support the search and assisted with overhead and fielded two teams. No relevant clues were located.

Inyo County Mutual Aid 7/21/2016

While in Yosemite during our team’s annual training, we were called to the Mt. Whitney area of Inyo County to assist with a search for a missing 68 year old hiker. 11 Marin members responded and were deployed via National Guard Chinook to a search assignment starting at 13,000 ft. Other teams were also deployed in the area with various assignments including searching large boulder scree fields and extremely difficult terrain. During the search, other teams found some relevant clues and the next day’s search efforts were focused on exploiting those areas. This searching included Class 4 terrain all the way to the top of Mt. Whitney. The team was extracted by the Chinook helicopter on the afternoon of the second day. The following day, a helicopter was searching the area where a rope was found and tragically discovered the subjects body in an area that was very difficult to access and see from the ground. All the teams in the field performed very well in some of the toughest search conditions in California.

Mt Tam Trail Rescue 7/9/2016

Marin County Fire requested assistance with a trail rescue. Very few members could respond immediately from close by and enough resources were on scene to conduct the carryout so SAR was cancelled.

Sausalito Missing Person Search 7/6/2016

Sausalito Police requested SAR to assist with a search for an 88 year old woman who was visiting the area. Shortly after SAR was requested, investigators determined that the woman was picked up by a family member without letting anyone from her group know.

Marinwood Missing Person Search 7/4/2016

The Sheriff’s Office requested SAR to respond for a missing person on Big Rock Ridge between Marinwood and Novato. Rangers and Deputies conducted a hasty search and were unable to locate the subject. SAR was cancelled about 30 minutes after being activated when the subject returned back to his home.

Siskiyou County Mutual Aid 7/4/2016

Siskiyou County requested mutual aid assistance for two missing hikers, a father and son, in the Marble Mountain Wilderness. They left on a fishing trip the week prior but did not return on time and were reported missing. 5 Marin members responded along with other agencies and were deployed by a National Guard Blackhawk helicopter. The teams searched the PLS carefully. At around 1900 hours that evening, the helicopter spotted both subjects alive within the search area. Due to a fire in the area, all teams were extracted at night via helicopter which rarely happens.

Marin County Fair Support, Days 1-5 6/30/2016

Marin SAR once again supported the Sheriff’s Office with the annual Marin County Fair. Team members helped with minor medical, missing children and other logistical support.

Tuolumne County Mutual Aid 6/17/2016

Two hikers and their dog were backpacking in the mountains of Tuolumne County and when the did not return, the were reported missing. Marin was requested two days into the search along with other mutual aid teams. 9 members responded and were broken up into two teams. The assignments were all day, arduous hikes through difficult terrain. Early in the afternoon, the subjects were located in good condition overall, just very tired and relieved that they were found.

Mendocino County Mutual Aid 6/16/2016

Mendocino County requested Mutual Aid assistance in the search for an 82 year old male. The subject lived with his wife in a very remote area and rarely leaves his property but he does suffer from health issues. Various agencies responded to assist in the search. Teams were deployed and in the early afternoon, the subject was located about ½ mile from his home in good condition but was transported to the hospital. 19 members from Marin assisted.

Dipsea Race Support 6/12/2016

Marin SAR once again worked with Allied Agencies to provide support for the annual Dipsea race. Teams were stationed in strategic areas and assisted 3 runners during the race. 16 members supported the 106th running of the Dipsea.

San Rafael Evidence Search 6/4/2016

San Rafael Police requested assistance following a suspected assault in the canal area of San Rafael. 19 members responded and and conducted an evidence search of the area and located potentially relevant items.

Sonoma County Mutual Aid - Abduction Search - Day 2 5/28/2016

Marin SAR responded with 21 members to assist Sonoma County. Members worked with various other agencies to conduct a focused search with no relevant clues located.

Sonoma County Mutual Aid - Abduction Search - Day 1 5/27/2016

Sonoma County Sheriff requested mutual aid assistance for a missing girl out of Vallejo which was highly publicized. Due to time of day and traffic, Sonoma County delayed Marin’s response until the following day.

Novato Evidence Search 6/11/2016

The Sheriff’s Office requested an additional search of the Novato crime scene/Open Space area using our team’s specially training K9’s. Unfortunately, no evidence was located.

Novato Evidence Search 5/26/2016

SAR conducted a large grid search of the area where the homicide occurred in a Novato Open Space area. 39 members assisted including two K9’s. No significant clues or evidence were located.

Novato Crime Scene Support 5/25/2016

Marin SAR was requested by the Marin County Sheriff’s office to provide logistical support for an active homicide investigation. 7 members assisted.

Placer County Mutual Aid 5/19/2016

8 Marin members responded to Placer County to support the ongoing search for a missing backpacker and his dog. The team was deployed into the field via helicopter and just began searching when the subject was located outside of the current search area by a helicopter. He was in good shape overall and was transported to the hospital for observation.

Santa Clara County K9 Mutual Aid 5/12/2016

The Santa Clara County Sheriff requested specialized K9 assistance for a criminal investigation. Two Marin members and a K9 responded and located potentially relevant evidence.

Drakes Beach Search 4/29/2016

Marin SAR was requested by the National Park Service to conduct an evidence search of Drakes Beach after a human bone was found on the beach. Both K9 and ground teams searched the area and found additional items. 13 members assisted.

Butte County Missing Person - Day 2 4/22/2016

Nine additional Marin members responded to assist in the missing person search in rural Butte County. They joined members from various other teams throughout Northern California. Focused searching was conducted along specific terrain features based on clues that were reported during previous search efforts. In the late morning, a team from Placer County found some shoes that they believe were the subjects. They followed some ‘sign’ left by the subject and found the subject alive, but very cold and tired. She was unable to ambulate and was well off trail in a very steep canyon. Due to heavy rain, a helicopter rescue was ruled out and a technical raise was determined to be the best option. The raise was slow due to unstable footing, heavy rain and wanting to be safe for the subject and the rescuers. Part way into the raise, a Butte County Sheriff Helicopter took advantage of a clearing in the weather and was able to package the patient and short haul her out to an ambulance where she was taken to the hospital. This search was a great example of many teams working together seamlessly towards a positive outcome in difficult terrain and weather.

Butte County Missing Person - Day 1 4/21/2016

Four Marin SAR members responded to Butte County to assist in planning and overhead for a missing person search in the Brush Creek area near Lake Oroville. The female subject had gone missing from her home. Marin along with Contra Costa County SAR members reviewed previous search efforts and clues and put together a comprehensive plan for the following days search efforts.

Bolinas Cliff Rescue 3/28/2016

25 members responded to the Palomarin trailhead late in the evening for four hikers who had gotten stuck on the beach and on cliffs near Bolinas. They were several miles out from the trailhead. One person got stuck on the beach while two got stuck on the cliffs and a fourth was able to make it out to get help. A CHP helicopter was able to pick up the subject on the beach and locate the other two but were unable to access them due to the nighttime conditions. Teams began preparing for an extensive technical rope rescue operation. While this occurred, the US Coast Guard agreed to evaluate the rescue and determined they would be able to conduct it via helicopter. The Coast Guard helicopter hoisted both subjects off the cliff saving many hours of a rescue.

Willits Missing Person Search Request 3/6/2016

Marin SAR was requested for a missing person search in a rural area near Willits in Mendocino County. We were unable to field a qualified team because we had a large contingent returning from the Mountain Rescue re-certification test and other factors. The subject of the search was located deceased the following day.

Steep Ravine Recovery 3/3/2016

State Parks and the Marin County Coroner’s office requested SAR to assist in a technical carryout after a body was found on a beach in the Marin Headlands. SAR members responded and made access down to the beach. Due to a strong incoming tide, time was of the essence. The team conducted a carryout up a short technical section and then all the way to the road. 15 members assisted.

Mt Tam Trail Rescue 2/27/2016

Marin SAR was requested to assist with a rescue on the Helen Markt trail on Mt Tam. The subject was a 56 year old with an unknown medical problem who could not walk out. While members were responding, a helicopter was able to extricate the subject and SAR was cancelled.

Castle Peak Rescue 2/21/2016

While on training in Castle Peak, our Mountain Rescue team came upon a girl who had fallen through a snow bridge and down roughly 10 feet to a stream below. This occurred just minutes prior to the team hiking through the area after climbing Castle Peak. Our team improvised with the gear on hand and quickly set up a simple rope system with a change in direction to remove the girl from the hole. She was cold and wet but otherwise uninjured. The team escorted her out to the trailhead. Without the team being in the “right place at the right time”, the outcome could have been very different because an emergency response to this remote location would have taken nearly an hour.

Lands End, San Francisco Missing Person Search 2/16/2016

Marin SAR was requested by US Park Police to search for a missing man who was spotted in an instagram picture in the Lands End area of the GGNRA. Mutual aid was requested in order to search the area effectively. The beaches, trails and cliff sides in the area were searched with no further clues located.

Marin City Evidence Search 2/7/2016

The Marin County Sheriff’s Office requested the SAR team to conduct an evidence search following a double homicide in Marin City. Team members searched various areas around where the shooting occurred and located some items that may have been related to the incident. 24 members assisted in this search.

Woodacre Missing Person 1/31/2016

SAR was called out after a horse was found without its rider. Deputies and Rangers conducted a hasty search and requested the SAR team. As the team was mobilizing, the rider of the horse hiked out of the hills. He was thrown from the horse several miles from where he was found, but was in good condition. A total of 36 members were en route.

San Rafael Trail Rescue 1/24/2016

Marin SAR was requested to assist in a trail rescue above the Dominican area of San Rafael. San Rafael Fire units responded as well and located the subject next to a fire road. Because a fire department utility vehicle was able to make access, Marin SAR was cancelled with 10 members responding.

Rodeo Beach Missing Surfer 1/21/2016

The SAR team was requested to assist in the search for a missing surfer off of Rodeo Beach in the Marin Headlands. Marin SAR conducted cliff top and beach searches to the north and south of Rodeo Beach with no results. The surfer was later located deceased near Rodeo Beach.

Sugar Bowl Missing Skier - Day 2 1/18/2016

The search for Carson May Continued with 9 member from Marin SAR searching tree wells off of the Mt. Judah chair. There were thousands of trees and various teams were saturating the area looking for any sign of Carson. After a physically demanding day of searching, no clues were located and Carson remains missing.

Sugar Bowl Missing Skier - Day 1 1/17/2016

Placer County requested Mutual Aid in the ongoing search for Carson May, a Ski Instructor at the Sugar Bowl Ski Area. Carson went missing while skiing in the side country off of Mt. Judah as he was returning to the base area. Marin responded with 6 members who arrived on scene in the mid afternoon and were immediately deployed to search an area near the train tracks on Donner Summit. No clues were located and the team stayed in a member’s cabin in Truckee and were joined by a second wave.

Missing Person, Pt Reyes Lighthouse 1/9/2016

The National Park Service requested Marin SAR to assist in the search for a missing 22 year old UC Berkeley grad student whose car was located at the Lighthouse parking lot in the Pt Reyes National Seashore. SAR arrived on scene, while another 34 members turned around from their planned training in the Sierra’s. Teams searched the trails to the east and west of the parking lot as well as the accessible beaches. Simultaneous to these efforts, the Marin County Water Rescue Team conducted water based searches while a Coast Guard Helicopter searched from the air. A technical team was inserted down a ravine near the parking lot and located several items believed to be from the missing person. 58 members and three K9’s assisted in the search. The missing person has still not been located.

Missing Hiker, Pt Reyes National Seashore - Day 2 1/3/2016

Marin SAR continued the search for the missing person along with Mutual Aid help from Contra Costa, San Mateo, BAMRU and Sonoma counties along with K9’s from CARDA. Teams were deployed on various assignments, mostly searching the top’s of cliffs and down to accessible beaches. Early into the day’s search, a team from San Mateo/BAMRU located a possible body 400 ft. below them at the water’s edge. Due to high winds, a helicopter extrication was not possible. Searchers began setting up picket anchors and setting up a technical rope operation. Two attendants were sent down the cliffside and were able to retrieve the subject. 52 Marin members responded and assisted in this difficult search.

Missing Hiker, Pt Reyes National Seashore - Day 1 1/2/2016

Marin SAR was requested to assist in the search for a missing hiker/photographer in the north end of the Pt Reyes Seashore near Pierce Point. We were requested close to darkness and conducted a limited objective hasty search of the area near where the vehicle was located. One of the trailing K9’s had a potential alert leading towards elephant rock, but no other clues were located.