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Alamere Falls Rescue 5/7/2015

14 members were responding to assist Marin County Fire and the National Park Service with a rescue at Alamere Falls. As Marin was responding, it was determined that sufficient resources were on scene and SAR was cancelled.

Carson Falls Carryout 12/29/2015

Ross Valley Fire requested assistance with an injured hiker near Carson Falls above Fairfax. SAR responded with 11 members along with our UTV. The injured subject ended up being near a fire road and was transported out in a fire department utility truck. SAR was cancelled while many members were en route, but several made it to the staging area at Azalea Hill.

San Rafael Evidence Search 12/17/2015

10 members responded to assist San Rafael Police with and evidence search following a shooting near the Safeway in downtown San Rafael. Members searched the immediate area, parts of Albert Park and the Community Center. No relevant items were located.

San Francisco PD - K9 Assist 11/25/2015

San Francisco requested assistance from Marin’s K9 unit and CARDA to search a yard and surrounding area where human remains had been located. The two dogs searched a 2 block area and relevant info was passed on the SFPD detectives.

Mendocino County Mutual Aid 11/20/2015

20 members responded to assist Mendocino County with a missing 5 year old outside of the town of Willits. Marin was about 30 minutes away from the command post when the subject was located in good condition and was reunited with her family.

Inyo County Mutual Aid - Day 2 11/20/2015

An additional wave of 5 members were en route to assist with the search in Inyo County, but were diverted to the Mendocino County search shortly into their long drive. (see below and above for more info)

Inyo County Mutual Aid - Day 1 11/19/2015

5 Marin members responded to Lone Pine to assist in the search for a missing climber near Mt. Whitney. The subject’s vehicle was located near Whitney Portal after being reported missing several days prior. Our team was deployed by helicopter and searched a steep snow chute near Mt. Irvine. At the end of the day, the National Guard helicopter located some possible items by air and investigated further. They discovered an item that likely was from the missing climber. The next day, all search efforts focused on this area, which was at the foot of an avalanche path. Shortly into the search, the subject was located deceased using a Recco device and was extricated off the mountain with the assisatnce of several teams including Marin.

San Rafael Evidence Search 11/16/2015

Marin SAR responded to assist San Rafael PD following a reported attempted shooting. 34 members searched the streets near where the incident occurred and were unable to locate any relevant items.

Healdsburg Missing Person 11/4/2015

Sonoma County SAR requested mutual aid assistance with a missing 88 year old male in Healdsburg. The missing person when for a walk shortly after noon and did not return. Marin members had just gotten on scene when the subject was located alive and was being evaluated by fire and EMS crews. 9 members responded.

Fairfax Medical Aid with unknown location 10/31/2015

Late in the afternoon on Halloween, the Ross Valley Fire Department received a call for a subject in immediate need of medical aid. The subject stated they were on the hillside above the Fairfax Community Church. A hasty search was conducted but units were unable to find the subject. A short time later, the subject called 911 which allowed for an approximate GPS location. Fire crews were able to make access after a Fairfax PD officer found the subject and cancelled SAR’s response.

Tomales Point Missing Boater - Day 2 10/27/2015

Searching continued from both land and water for the missing fisherman. Teams from Sonoma County and Contra Costa County responded to assist along with two water K9’s and the water rescue team. Teams searched throughout the day and were unable to locate the subject.

Tomales Point Missing Boater - Day 1 10/26/2015

The SAR team responded along with NPS, Coast Guard, Marin County Fire and the water Rescue Team for a capsized boat and a missing subject. There were three people on the boat when it capsized. All three attempted to swim towards shore near Tomales Point. One was able to make it and was rescued. A second was located deceased in the water and a third was still missing. Members responded and searched the cliffs and beaches towards the north end of Tomales Point. Several clues were located from the boat.

Mendocino County Missing Child 10/20/2015

A 5 year old boy was reported missing by family members after he went for a walk with his dog and didn’t return. Marin responded with one member to plan that evening and followed up with two waves the next morning to assist in the search. Planning was conducted all night and in the morning a resident reported hearing what they thought was a child in distress. A fire crew was deployed to drive the roads in the area and found the missing boy alive and well with his dog several miles away from his home. A very happy ending!

San Rafael Evidence Search 10/20/2015

SAR responded to conduct an evidence search near some car dealerships in San Rafael following an overnight shooting. Several relevant items were located.

White’s Hill Evidence Search - Day 3 10/8/2015

The search continued along Sir Francis Drake. Simultaneous to this, the suspects in the homicide were arrested. The search continued until a crucial piece of evidence was located by a SAR member.

White’s Hill Evidence Search - Day 2 10/7/2015

The Sheriff’s office asked the SAR team to conduct a follow up search along Sir Francis Drake west of the incident location. Teams gathered and searched until dark with no clues located.

White’s Hill Evidence Search - Day 1 10/6/2015

Following a homicide on a trail above Fairfax, the Marin County Sheriff requested an evidence search of the area around where the crime occurred. We initially sent a search manager to scout and plan for the search. Once the scene was cleared, we split into teams and conducted a close in grid search of the area around the incident location. Several potentially relevant items were located.

Bolinas Missing Hikers 9/28/2015

Marin SAR was dispatched to a report of three missing backpackers in Bolinas. As SAR was responding, a Bolinas Fire hasty team searching the Coastal Trail found the subjects. The were not lost or injured and simply had not communicated that they would be out another night.

San Rafael Evidence Search 9/23/2015

San Rafael Police requested Marin SAR to conduct and evidence search in the canal area. The team was tasked with locating two items. Extensive searching was conducted, but neither piece of evidence was located.

Madera County Missing Hunter - Day 2 9/22/2015

5 members were en route to Madera County when the subject was located.

Madera County Missing Hunter - Day 1 9/21/2015

11 members responded to Madera County for a missing hunter. The subject was hunting with friends and did not return on time. The team was shuttled via UTV into their search assignment and searched large areas near Iron Lake above 8000’. No clues were located during the search. That evening, a team from Santa Clara, who were no longer actively searching, heard some noises and discovered the missing subject. He was found far outside of the search area, and fortunately was uninjured.

San Rafael Evidence Search 9/17/2015

Marin SAR was requested to search an area in downtown San Rafael following a shooting. The team focused on one street, including it’s buildings and then adjacent sidewalks and parking lots. Some relevant items were located during the search.

Valley Fire Support Request 9/12/2015

The North Bay IMT was requested to support a rapidly growing fire in Lake County. As part of the response, Marin SAR was requested to assist with mapping and logistical support. While gearing up, it was determined that Cal-Fire had a mapping person available and SAR’s response was cancelled. The Valley Fire ended up being one of the most destructive fires in California’s history.

Angel Island Missing Person - Day 2 9/8/2015

The second operational period was a focused search for the missing subject. Water K9’s, the dive team, water rescue team and a submersible ROV were all utilized. Early on in the days searching, two K9’s alerted near the boat. The ROV was deployed and confirmed a body was in the water below the boat. The dive team recovered the body in this unfortunate incident.

Angel Island Missing Person - Day 1 9/7/2015

A boatcamper was reported missing on Angel Island. The subject was staying on a sailboat in Ayala Cove when the other people on board woke up in the morning and he was no longer there. State Park Rangers conducted a Hasty Search of the island and when he wasn’t located, requested a SAR response. Members responded and initially people and gear was brought over via fire boats. Eventually two vehicles were transported over on a State Parks boat. Due to the extended response time and a low turnout from the holiday weekend, mutual aid was requested. Teams scoured the island. No clues were located, but after further investigation, the search was scaled back and suspended for the evening.

San Rafael Evidence Search 9/7/2015

Marin SAR returned to the canal area for another incident where a subject was shot. SAR members scoured the areas including yards, common areas and the streets near where the incident occurred. One potentially relevant items was located. 11 members responded to assist.

San Rafael Evidence Search 9/5/2015

Marin was requested to conduct an evidence search in the canal area of San Rafael. SAR members searched the area around where gunshots were heard and shell casings had been found, but didn’t find any further items.

Fresno County Mutual Aid - Day 2 8/28/2015

14 members responded to assist Fresno with their missing person search. The subject had now been missing for 8 days. The Marin team responded and was eventually able to get a helicopter ride out into the field at 1500 hours. This was delayed significantly due to smoke and three different LZ’s. The team searched the rest of the afternoon and camped out in the field. That evening, planning for the next day occurred and areas within the large search assignment were prioritized. The team set out on what was day 9 of the subject being missing. Voice calls were performed and at one point, one of our youth members heard something in the distance. After confirming it was not another team, they were able to get closer and confirmed it was the missing subject. After about 15 minutes of downclimbing through rugged terrain, the Marin team was by the subjects side. She had significant injuries but was beyond excited to have been found. Shortly after, other teams began descending to the find location. Medical aid was given and an extrication plan was taking shape. The smoke made it difficult to get any aircraft into the area. Eventually a CHP helicopter was able to get in and flew the subject out of the search area and to the hospital. The search teams stayed in the field that night and were extricated the next morning by helicopter.

Fresno County Mutual Aid - Day 1 - Missing Adult 8/26/2015

Fresno County requested Mutual Aid for a difficult search. The subject had become separated from her hiking group and had been missing for 7 days. There was a large fire in the area which made air insertion difficult. The initial team of 2 members were paired with a BAMRU member and were finally flown in 20 miles to their search assignment. The hiked down a large drainage, searching along the way and spent the night in the field. The team eventually hiked all the way out to the command post while performing voice calls. No pertinent clues were located.

China Camp Rescue Assist 8/4/2015

14 members responded to assist San Rafael Fire with a downed Mountain Biker. It was getting dark and the IC was concerned that they wouldn’t have enough time to conduct a rescue by helicopter. As members were arriving, a CHP helicopter was able to effect the rescue.

Olema K9 Evidence Search - Day 3 8/20/2015

Another follow up search was conducted using five human remains detection dogs. They were each assigned large areas. Each team spent many hours searching with no further results.

Olema K9 Evidence Search - Day 2 8/5/2015

A follow up search was conducted using human remains detection dogs of the area near where a deceased subject was located at the Vedanta Retreat. A large bone was located by one of the dogs during the search effort.

Olema Evidence Search - Day 1 7/28/2015

As Marin was preparing to drive to Yosemite for our annual training, we were requested the the Sheriff’s office to conduct an evidence search after human remains were found in a remote area of the Vedanta Retreat in West Marin. Marin conducted a close in grid search of the immediate area and also covered game trails leading away from the location and found several relevant items.

Santa Cruz County Mutual Aid - Missing Child 7/27/2015

Santa Cruz County requested assistance with the search for a missing 8 year old girl who was reported missing the evening before. Marin initially responded to assist with planning for a massive search planned for the next day. This became a high profile missing persons case that involved the FBI. As search management was planning the effort, tragically, the body of the girl was located in a dumpster. A 15 year old male was arrested in connection with her disappearance who lives in the same complex.

Calaveras County Mutual Aid - Missing Adult 7/27/2015

A 30 year old male went missing in the Stanislaus National Forest. He had last been seen hiking with friends when he decided to return to camp alone. Marin was assigned to search an area with heavy timber. The subject was found about 12 miles away in another campground. He had become disoriented and followed the drainage, spent the night out in cold weather before finding another campground. 6 members responded.

El Dorado County Mutual Aid - Missing Adult 7/26/2015

Five members responded to assist El Dorado county with the search for a missing motorcyclist in the Georgetown area. He was reported to be exploring a remote area alone, when he didn’t return. Searchers scoured the area including our team. About a week later, independent volunteers located the subjects motorcycle and also discovered his remains.

Wragg Fire IMT Support 7/22/2015

Marin SAR was requested to support the North Bay Incident Management Team with a developing fire in Lake County. Marin sent four members along with our GIS equipment. Members were tasked with incident mapping including a huge 6’x6’ map for the morning briefing. Members were released the next morning when a Type 1 team took over the large incident.

Santa Cruz County K9 Evidence Search 7/20/2015

Marin’s newly certified firearm detection K9 was deployed to search a public beach for a weapon following a road rage incident in Watsonville. Nothing was located during the search.

Monterey County Mutual Aid - Missing Adult 7/11/2015

A 76 year old male went for a hike by himself in Big Sur. The subject was an experienced hiker and knew the area well. Marin sent six members to assist Monterey. Marin’s assignment was to clear the downslope side of a trail. This included steep hillsides and rappelling. After that, the team was reassigned to search a large technical drainage. No significant clues were found during the search effort.

Shasta County Mutual Aid - Day 3 7/11/2015

Simultaneous to the Monterey Search, 16 members returned to Shasta County to do some focused searching after an item was located the previous day. Unfortunately, no further clues were discovered during the subsequent search efforts and to this date, the baby has not been located.

Shasta County Mutual Aid - Day 2 7/6/2015

7 members remained and were joined by 4 new members to assist in the search for the missing 6 month old. The team contended with 100 degree heat, steep slopes and thick vegetation while searching along roads and pullouts. No clues were located.

Shasta County Mutual Aid - Day 1 - Missing Infant 7/5/2015

Marin SAR was requested by OES to assist in the massive search for a missing 6 month old baby. 26 members were split into teams and completed two long and arduous search assignments. This was the fifth operational period and the search continued the next day.

Marin County Fair Support, Days 1-5 7/1/2015

Marin SAR once again assisted the Sheriff’s Office at the annual County Fair. Members assisted lost and separated kids, helped with minor medical aids and provided logistical support to the Sheriff’s Office. Staffing consisted of 3-5 SAR members at all times while the fair was open.

Point Bonita Technical Evidence Search 6/20/2015

During a regularly scheduled training, we were asked to conduct a technical evidence search for the Marin County Sheriff-Coroner after a body was discovered on an inaccessible beach. 37 SAR members used ropes to search the steep, crumbling cliffs in the area as well as the beaches. No relevant items were located.

Belvedere Missing Person 6/15/2015

SAR responded for a 79 year old man with dementia who went missing from his home in Belvedere. SAR members searched the immediate area and the walking paths within about 3 miles of his home. Police units were also patrolling the streets in the area. At about 0400, a residence at the Romberg Center in Tiburon, reported that the subject was in there home. Police responded and confirmed it was the subject. 21 members assisted.

Dipsea Race Support 6/14/2015

18 Marin SAR members assisted with trail medical response at the annual Dipsea Race on Mt Tam. Teams staged near Cardiac Hill, an infamous section of the Dipsea Race. The temperatures were cool, which generally limits injuries. One minor laceration was treated by Marin members.

Alamere Falls Rescue Request 5/2/2015

SAR was requested to assist in a rescue of an injured subject near Alamere Falls. The tide was coming up and fog was rolling in, which prompted rangers to have two plans to perform the rescue. In the end, Sonoma H-1 was able to get in and extricate the patient and SAR was released.

Sausalito Evidence Search 5/1/2015

16 Marin members responded to assist Sausalito Police with an evidence search after the discovery of a body in a park. The team searched the adjacent area and found several items of interest.

San Rafael Evidence Search 4/30/2015

San Rafael Police requested Marin SAR to assist in an evidence search near Albert Park. 25 members searched dense brush, canals and marshy areas. No relevant evidence was located during the search.

Tomales Point Missing Boaters - OP #3 4/19/2015

The team was requested to conduct a ground based search the day following the boating accident. Teams searched the beaches and cliffs in the area of the accident with no further clues located.

Tomales Point Missing Boaters Request #2 4/18/2015

SAR was once again asked to respond to search the cliff sides of the northern Point Reyes peninsula. It was determined that the the Marin County Water Rescue Team was already in the area and could search the area effectively.

Tomales Point Missing Boaters Request #1 4/18/2015

Marin SAR was requested to assist for two missing boaters following a boating accident near at Bird Rock near Tomales Point. SAR was cancelled a short time later because of sufficient resources on scene.

Butte County Mutual Aid 4/18/2015

Marin SAR was requested by Butte County to conduct a technical search in the feather river drainage near Paradise. Marin’s 5 members teamed up with BAMRU and searched a steep area from a flume towards the river. No clues were located during the day’s search. A few days later, the subject was located deceased outside of the search area.

Fairfield Missing Person 3/31/2015

9 members responded to Solano County to assist in the search for an 84 year old who went missing from his care facility in Fairfield. Marin joined various other agencies in the search which focused on the area around the care facility. Shortly after Marin’s arrival, the subject was located in fair condition not far from his home and behind an adjacent school. Marin assisted in transporting the subject back to the command post where he was evaluated by Fire medics and transported to the hospital for evaluation.

Stinson Beach Missing Persons 3/24/2015

Early in the morning, SAR was dispatched for a missing male and female near Stinson Beach. The subjects were hiking with a third person when they became separated in the middle of the night. Searchers combed the area and the missing male subject was located mid morning. A short time later, the female was also located. After law enforcement interviewed the subjects, it was determined that the female was aware that people were looking for her, but she was actively evading searchers. 22 members along with Stinson Beach Fire, NPS Rangers, State Park Rangers, USCG and Sheriff’s Deputies assisted in the search.

GGNRA Rescue 2/28/2015

During a team wide US&R training in Novato, the team was requested to respond to a pair who had gotten stuck on a steep hillside near Battery Rathbone. Just as SAR was arriving on scene, a CHP helicopter was able to extricate both subjects. 14 members responded along with Southern Marin Fire, Marin County Fire and NPS rangers.

GGNRA Rescue 2/26/2015

SAR was requested to assist in a rescue for two subjects who were stuck on a cliff. Prior to SAR’s arrival, one subject was extricated by Southern Marin Fire and the second was hoisted by a CHP helicopter. 22 members were en route when our response was cancelled.

Missing Yolo County Infant 2/25/2015

10 SAR members responded to Yolo County to assist in the search for a missing infant near Woodland. Marin members searched along some waterways where the mother of the infant last saw her baby. Tragically, the infant was located deceased by a boat based team in dense brush near the waters edge.

Marin City Evidence Search 2/20/2015

At the conclusion of the missing person search in San Geronimo, the SAR team was requested to conduct an evidence search in Marin City following a shooting. The team conducted a focused grid search looking for evidence. Potential evidence was located and detectives were notified. 17 members attended.

San Geronimo Missing Person 2/20/2015

A 79 year old male with a history of dementia was reported missing from his residence in San Geronimo. When his family woke up in the morning, he wasn’t in the house. A search started which canvassed the area. A team found a hat which was believed to be the subjects and an aware team member saw what appeared to be a shoe sticking out of a culvert off of a road. After investigating, the discovered the missing subject inside of the culvert. SAR and Fire crews extricated the subject who was suffering from exposure and transported him to the hospital for further evaluation. 31 members responded.

Cataract Trail Missing Runner 2/18/2015

Marin SAR responded to a missing 33 year old runner in the area of the Cataract Trail on Mt Tam. The subject was reported missing early in the morning after not returning home. 21 members responded and searched the main trails and areas near the trail. Mutual Aid was requested since no clues were found. About the same time, the missing subject made his way back to his vehicle which was being monitored by a deputy. The subject had gotten lost off trail and decided to wait until daylight to start moving again, at which point he made his way down a drainage until he intersected a trail above Bon Tempe Lake. He followed the trail back out to his vehicle. MMWD, Open Space Rangers and Sheriff’s Deputies also assisted.

Drakes Beach Missing Persons 2/14/2015

Point Reyes National Seashore Rangers and Sheriff Deputies received a report of an overdue father with his two kids. They notified another family member that they were trapped by a high tide. The phone was no longer working later in the evening and rangers and deputies conducted a hasty search. SAR was called and while the team was responding. Rangers located the subjects on a small island near Drakes Estero and were walked back to safety. 15 Members were en route to assist.

Lake County Mutual Aid 2/14/2015

Lake County requested assistance with a missing male outside of the community of Hidden Lakes. As Marin was coordinating our response, it became apparent that the subject was possibly be despondent. Marin chose to stand down until a later operational period for searcher safety. Early the next morning, the subject was located deceased by search dogs in the search area.

Mill Valley Missing Person 1/12/2015

Mill Valley Police requested a SAR overhead response for a missing 15 year old female. The subject left her house and did not return. After a short hasty search by friends, family and police, SAR responded. As SAR members were arriving on scene to plan the search, a person called to report the girl had knocked on their door and she was reunited with her family.

Fairfax Horse Rescue/Assist 1/6/2015

A horse sustained a fall near Deer Park in fairfax. Marin SAR has specially trained member in equine rescue, and a response was requested. As our member got on scene, the horse was able to get up and was walked back to its stable after sustaining some injuries. One member responded along with deputies and Humane Society personnel.

Cataract Trail Rescue 1/4/2015

Marin Municipal Water District Rangers requested assistance with a carryout of a subject with an ankle injury on the Cataract Trail in the Mt Tamalpais watershed. The SAR team joined members of Ross Valley Fire, County Fire, MMWD Rangers and State Park Rangers to safely extricate the subject. 31 members responded to assist.

Fairfield Mutual Aid Search 1/2/2015

Solano County Search and Rescue requested Mutual Aid assistance in locating a 77 year old male missing in the Fairfield area. Most of the searching was in residential and commercial areas with many door to door assignments. At around noon, the subject was located by a Marin team at the Westfield shopping center. He was in relatively good condition after spending that night out in very cold temperatures. 18 Marin members responded along with other teams from throughout the Bay Area.