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Mt Tam Missing Horse Search 12/18/2013

Marin SAR was requested by the Marin Municipal Water District to assist in a limited objective search for a Horse. The horse went missing after throwing its rider off the day before. Marin SAR worked with the MMWD rangers to search fire roads, trails and drainages in the area. Shortly after the search was suspended, the horse was found alive and returned to its stable. 6 Marin members assisted.

Mendocino County Mutual Aid 12/16/2013

Mendocino County requested mutual aid assistance for a search for a missing man out of willits. The subject had left the area where he lived hoping to find some horses on the property and also explore a trail that would take him out to the coast. The subject didn’t return and assistance was requested. Marin responded with nine members and was put into key overhead positions. Through investigations, it was discovered that the subject might be in Ft. Bragg. A deputy was dispatched and confirmed that the person was the subject of the search. The subject did indeed hike to Ft. Bragg, and there was a miscommunication which caused the reporting party to believe the subject was missing.

Rodeo Beach Missing Person Search 12/4/2013

The National Park service requested the assistance of Marin SAR for a missing person out of the employee housing at Ft. Cronkite in the Marin Headlands. The subject was visiting family and had left at some point in the middle of the night. It was believed he was at risk, and the weather was below freezing for the entire night. Marin responded and set up a command post, began interviews and hasty search assignments in the area, along with a grid search of the surrounding community. Canine resources were ordered along with air and water assets to cover all possible scenarios. As the day progressed, mutual aid was ordered because of the urgency of the search and the impending freezing temperatures. As the search was about to be suspended for the evening, the subject was located alive in Sausalito. Participating agencies included the National Park Service, US Park Police, Marin County Sheriff, Sausalito Police, Southern Marin Fire, Marin County Fire, Marin County Swiftwater Team, CHP, Coast Guard, Golden Gate Bridge District, CARDA, Contra Costa SAR and Alameda SAR.

Thanksgiving Day Pine Mountain Bike Ride Support 11/28/2013

Each Year, Marin SAR works with the Marin Municipal Water District, County Open Space and the Marin County Sheriff’s Department to support a bike ride on the Pine Mountain Loop on Thanksgiving Day. This year over 900 riders were counted riding the loop, and historically there have been injuries. This year was no exception. Not too far into the morning, radio traffic was heard about a mountain biker down on a notoriously steep section of the trail where falls are common. SAR units arrived on scene shortly after the 911 call, secured the scene and performed an assessment. The victim had a period of being unconscious and had trouble remembering certain details. Based on this, a helicopter was requested. The patient was packaged and loaded into Marin’s 6 seat UTV and transported to the LZ where the patient was loaded into the helicopter and flown to a hospital. 15 members participated and there were no other incidents.

McCabe Fire Incident Management Team Support 11/22/2013

Marin SAR is a member of the North Bay Incident Management Team (NBIMT). The NBIMT was activated to support Cal-Fire, Sonoma-Lake-Napa unit with multiple late season vegetation fires. The NBIMT was requested to support the McCabe fire which was in the area of the Geysers, Northeast of Geyserville. Four Marin SAR members assisted with mapping, planning, sign making and other tasks and gained valuable experience and exposure during a rapidly changing event.

West Point Inn, Mt Tam Missing Person Search 11/21/2013

A person was reported missing from the West Point Inn on Mt Tam after the innkeeper hadn’t seen the individual since he went on a hike the day before. 23 Marin SAR members responded and began interviews and supported the hasty assignments already being conducted by rangers and deputies. As additional members were arriving on scene, the individual returned to the West Point Inn and was not in distress. The subject returned the night before and then left again early the next morning and missed seeing the innkeeper.

Nevada County Mutual Aid 10/30/2013

Marin SAR along with various other Northern California SAR teams was requested to assist Nevada County with a search for a missing miner. The subject had gone to his mining claim on the previous thursday and did not return as planned. His vehicle was located near his mining claim and a ground search bagan. On day 3 of the search, Marin responded with 11 members. Marin split into two teams which searched the edge of the Yuba River. While searching, a team from Contra Costa County located the deceased subject off trail. The Marin team’s responded to the location of the find and assisted with patient packaging and a CHP helicopter extracted the subject. This was a search in a remote area in very steep terrain with heavy vegetation and was also the first search for many of our members.

Law Enforcement Support 10/29/2013

Marin SAR was requested to assist with check in and other logistical needs for a mobilization of Marin County Law Enforcement resource’s. The officers were responding to Sonoma County for a large scale protest after an officer involved shooting.

San Rafael Evidence Search 10/23/2013

SAR was requested by the San Rafael Police Department to assist with an evidence search off of Pelican Way in San Rafael. The night prior there was a shooting and San Rafael Police was hoping to find evidence related to the shooting. The SAR team searched a small area at the end of the roadway in thick vegetation and was unable to locate any relevant evidence. 15 Marin SAR members assisted.

Santa Venetia Missing Person Search 10/10/2013

Marin SAR was activated by the Marin County Sheriff’s Office to assist in locating a missing at risk 85 year old woman with Alzheimer’s type Dementia. The subject had wandered away from her home in the Santa Venetia area of San Rafael. 41 SAR members and 2 POSSE members responded and searched for the woman. A short time into the search the subject was located by our teams’ trailing dog Heidi. The subject left her home, walked down the street and onto a footpath. She then crossed a field until she met a fence where she sat down. She was located about a quarter mile from her home but was partially hidden by vegetation. This was quite possibly a life saving find based on the cold temperatures that evening. The subject was walked home and checked out by San Rafael Fire.

Mendocino County Mutual Aid Search and Rescue, Day 4 10/12/2013

Marin SAR was requested by Mendocino County to do a follow up search for the missing hunter. The subject was now missing for 19 days in a remote area of the Mendocino National Forest. 8 Marin members arrived mid morning after pre planning the search the night before. Just as the team got set up on scene, a report came in of an injured hunter. Members of Marin joined BAMRU to located and evacuate the injured hunter. After 2.5 hours of hiking with heavy rescue equipment, the injured hunter was located and amazingly turned out to be the missing hunter from the previous search effort! He was in remarkably good condition having built a small fire and having water nearby. He survived on some small animals he was able to hunt. After a tough carryout, the subject was loaded on to a medical helicopter and transported to a hospital in Ukiah. The rest of the members then spent several hours hiking back up the hill to waiting SAR vehicles. The subject initially got separated from his group and at some point fell and was knocked out. When he woke up it was very foggy and he traveled downhill where he then decided to bed down since he was exhausted. He then spent over two weeks in the spot before being located by another group of hunters in the area. This group was critical in not only locating the subject, but also guiding rescuers in to the scene and carrying the patient on a makeshift litter up the hill prior to the SAR team arriving on scene. This is an incredible story of survival and an amazing find and rescue.

Mendocino County Mutual Aid Search, Days 1-3 9/26/2013

Marin SAR was requested to assist in the search for a missing hunter in the Mendocino National Forest. The search was for a 71 year old man who got separated from his hunting party in a rugged and remote part of the forest at an approximate elevation of 6000’. Mendocino County SAR requested mutual aid and received assistance from a variety of counties in Northern California. Marin formed the bulk of the overhead with BAMRU and Contra Costa assisting as well. Our team set up a remote command post in two yurts complete with communication and computer mapping equipment. Over the three days over 20 Marin SAR members participated in the search effort. No relevant clues were located. It was decided to suspend the search based on the high potential for inclement weather. About 50 total search personnel were on scene for the friday and saturday operational periods.

Del Norte County Mutual Aid Search 9/21/2013

7 Marin SAR members joined other mutual aid teams and the Del Norte County SAR team to look for a missing mushroom hunter who went missing in January of 2013 and was not found after a multi day search effort. Del Norte was hoping a focused mutual aid search before the winter may turn up some clues to his whereabouts. Our team endured heavy rain in tough conditions and search a large area of a river drainage. No relevant clues were located.

Inyo County Mutual Aid 8/22/2013

Inyo County requested type 1 mutual aid support in the search for a missing hiker who was also a former SAR member. The subject of the search called and said he would be back in a couple of hours. He was reported missing that evening and Marin was called the next day. He was believed to be in the Rock Creek area near Bishop. This is a high elevation area in the eastern sierras with a potentially technical search area. Sadly, the subject was located deceased by searchers already on scene. This occurred just prior to Marin’s departure.

San Rafael Missing Person 8/21/2013

Late on 8/21, San Rafael Police requested the assistance of Marin County SAR in the search for a missing woman. The woman was in generally good condition but was unfamiliar with the area. As members were arriving, the subject was located in good condition at a church not far from the point last seen.

Solano County Mutual Aid 8/9/2013

Marin SAR along with various other SAR teams assisted the Solano County Sheriff’s Office and Oakland PD in the search for a missing woman. Based on investigations and cell phone data, various locations were searched along the I-80 corridor. Shortly after refocusing the search effort based on new data, sadly, the missing woman’s body was located.

Mendocino County Mutual Aid, Day 2 8/8/2013

Marin SAR along with CARDA, BAMRU and Cal-ESAR performed a follow up search of dog alert areas after the search on 7/31. The areas were thoroughly searched with no additional clues found.

Mendocino County Mutual Aid, Day 1 7/31/2013

Marin SAR was requested by Mendocino County SAR to assist in the search for a missing man from Redondo Beach in Southern California. The subjects vehicle was located not far from the Skunk Train tracks. In a unique search, the Skunk Train was utilized to transport the SAR members into the field. At various points along the tracks, there are old logging outposts. These outposts were thoroughly searched. Unfortunately the subject remains missing.

Bolinas Search 7/30/2013

28 Marin SAR members assisted the Point Reyes National Seashore with the search for six hikers. The hikers had been hiking along the oceans edge when the tide came in and stranded them in the Palomarin area near Bolinas. One of the group members was able to swim and get help, prompting the search and rescue. The US Coast Guard also assisted and was able to locate the subjects and hoist them into their helicopter.

Point Reyes Rescue 7/22/2013

Point Reyes National Seashore Rangers along with Marin County Fire requested Marin SAR to assist with a carryout in a remote part of the Point Reyes National Seashore. The subject was thrown off her horse, but little else was known. SAR was requested for the carryout and to assist with locating the horse if necessary. Once rangers got on scene, they determined the subject was uninjured and had possession of the horse.

Cataract Trail Rescue 7/21/2013

Marin County Fire requested Marin SAR’s assistance with a rescue on the Cataract Trail on Mt Tam. A female subject fell and had a lower leg injury. Crews on scene and a helicopter from the California Highway Patrol were able to effect the rescue and Marin SAR was cancelled.

Yosemite Rescue 7/20/2013

Marin SAR was participating in a park service project educating hikers during our annual training trip to Yosemite. While on the famous Mist Trail, members heard reports of a subject in the water near emerald pools which is between Vernal and Nevada Falls. They subject apparently slipped into the water in a very steep cascade area of granite rock. Marin SAR was first on scene and coordinated with the Yosemite Search and Rescue team. Swiftwater team members from Yosemite entered the water and Yosemite and Marin worked together to build anchors and a hauling system to extricate the subject out of the water. The subject was suffering from moderate to severe hypothermia as well as facial trauma. Once the subject was extricated, Marin SAR was instrumental in the carryout of the subject down the John Muir Trail where he was then transported to more definitive care.

San Rafael Evidence Search 7/19/2013

San Rafael police requested the assistance of the SAR team in locating evidence related to a drive by shooting. Seven members from Marin SAR assisted searching in two locations. No relevant evidence was located.

Kentfield Trail Rescue 7/7/2013

18 Marin SAR members responded to assist with a technical rescue of a woman. The subject had attempted to rescue a dog on a steep cliff and got stranded herself. Firefighters were able to effect a rescue of the subject and the dog. 18 members responded to assist.

County Fair Support, Days 1-5 7/3/2013

Annually Marin SAR supports the Sheriff’s office during the Marin County Fair. This year was no different. SAR members provided initial medical care for multiple patients, reunited many separated children and acted as an extra set of eyes for Law Enforcement. 23 Marin SAR members provided over 400 hours of support.

Platform Bridge Evidence Search 6/27/2013

Marin SAR was requested to perform an evidence search in a rural area of West Marin following the discovery of a body. Several relevant clues were located. Eleven members assisted.

Alpine Lake Missing Person Search 6/24/2013

A missing person was reported to be in the area of the North Side of Mt Tam after his parents received a call from him. Marin SAR responded along with Marin Municipal Water District Rangers and conducted a hasty search of the area in very wet conditions. No clues were located in the field, but several photo’s were emailed from the subjects phone which helped piece together a timeline of events. Mutual aid was requested in the middle of the night because of the conditions and exposure to the subject. The subject was able to self extricate after spending a very wet night moving throughout the watershed. 18 members responded from Marin with mutual aid en route.

Novato Missing Horse Search 6/21/2013

Marin SAR was requested to assist in locating a horse that went missing following an accident on 6/20. As Marin SAR was mobilizing, the horse was located.

Kentfield PLB Search 6/15/2013

Marin SAR was requested to locate a PLB that was activated in the Kentfield area. Members used our PLB locator devices at various points in the area and were not able to located a signal.

Dipsea Race Support 6/9/2013

17 Marin SAR members supported the Dipsea Race along with various other Marin County public safety agencies. Our team was split into two groups which were strategically located near the areas that traditionally have the most injuries. The Marin team assisted various runners with mild to moderate injuries during the 7.4 mile run from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach.

Indian Valley Open Space Recovery 5/21/2013

Marin SAR was requested by Novato Police and the Marin County Sheriff-Coroner to assist in the recovery of a male subject. The subject was located by a hiker in an open space area adjacent to the College of Marin, Indian Valley Campus in Novato. 22 members responded and were able to quickly and safely evacuate the subject down a low angle slope to the road.

Kirby Cove Evidence Search, Day 2 6/19/2013

The Marin County Sheriff-Coroner requested the assistance of Marin SAR in a technical evidence search as a follow up to the recovery our team made on 5/15. 17 members responded and conducted a focused evidence search in the area around where the subject was found. This included technical on rope searching on steep and high angle terrain. No clues or relevant evidence was located.

Kirby Cove Recovery, Day 1 5/15/2013

Golden Gate National Recreation Area rangers requested the assistance of Marin SAR in the technical recovery of a subject discovered on the hillside above Kirby Cove. The circumstances of how the subject got there are unknown. Members conducted a steep angle rope evolution at night to recover the subject. 29 members responded along with NPS rangers.

Lake County Mutual Aid, Day 3 5/15/2013

The search for Mikaela Continued. Over 100 searchers started early in the morning on wednesday. The main focus of the search was following up on the last know location and the area’s immediately surrounding the missing girls home. K9 resources were showing interest in a certain area and dive teams were deployed and a short time later discovered Mikaela in the water. This was a tragic resolution to an emotionally charged search. 10 Marin SAR members worked primarily in the command post to manage the incident. A high level of cooperation and teamwork led to the ultimate discovery of Mikaela and resolution to the family and the community.

Lake County Mutual Aid, Day 2 5/14/2013

Marin SAR continued to assist in the search for Mikaela Lynch. Numerous new resources responded to assist in the search as well including Dive teams and a remotely operated submersible with sonar. No significant clues were located during the search focusing on increasing the probability of detection in the search areas on land and in the water. 8 Marin SAR members assisted during operation period 3 and also put together a plan for OP period 4.

Lake County Mutual Aid, Day 1 5/13/2013

Marin SAR was requested by Clearlake PD to assist in the search for a missing 9 year old autistic girl who went missing on the afternoon of the previous day. The girl was playing outside with her brother when he went inside because of a bee. When the mother went back outside, the girl was gone. An immediate search of the neighborhood by family and friends was conducted and Clearlake PD was notified. Clearlake PD soon requested the assistance of the Lake County Search and Rescue team. A mutual aid response was called for monday. Marin assumed key management roles on Monday and ultimately our unit leader became the Search Manager. Resources from many agencies assisted and were deployed on various assignments searching the nearby neighborhoods and waterways. No significant clues were located until late in the night when a surveillance camera just a few doors down from the subjects home showed the little girl running down the street. At the end of the day, a plan was created for the next operational period to both expand and focus the search. 15 Marin SAR members assisted.

Lake County Mutual Aid 5/10/2013

7 Marin SAR members responded to an area outside of Clear Lake Oaks in Lake County to assist in the search for a missing man. The subject, a 63 year old developmentally disable male, of the search went missing the afternoon before. Lake County Sheriff and Lake County SAR conducted a search throughout the night with no results. Marin responded along with Napa, Mendocino, Sonoma and Solano Counties. During a subsequent search of the subjects residence and property the subject was located alive in a trailer just before noon.

Greenbrae Evidence Search 4/29/2013

The Marin County Sheriff and the Central Marin Police Authority requested the assistance of Marin SAR to conduct and evidence search of a wide area in and around the Bon Air shopping center following an attempted carjacking. 33 Marin SAR members responded and found key pieces of evidence related to the incident.

Alpine Lake Search 4/7/2013

Marin SAR was started for two missing female hikers. The Marin Municipal Water District requested a call out after contacting other members of the hikers group who said they hadn’t seen them for some time. As members were responding, the hikers showed up to the parking area in another vehicle. Apparently they missed a turn, hiked a considerable distance and were able to get a ride back to the parking lot.

Cataract Trail Rescue 4/7/2013

Marin County Fire requested the assistance of the SAR team in the rescue of an injured subject on the Cataract Trail on Mt Tam. The subject had a leg injury and was part way up the trail. Due to the extended carryout time and complexity of the carryout, our team is often requested for manpower and expertise. Just as SAR members were arriving on scene, the subject was extricated to the lower trailhead.

Woodacre Law Enforcement Assist 4/5/2013

The Marin County Sheriff’s office requested logistical assistance with transporting equipment to support an ongoing manhunt in the Woodacre are of West Marin. A team member transported our teams 6 person UTV that was used by various Law Enforcement Personnel on the fire roads surrounding San Geronimo Valley.

Lake County Mutual Aid, Day 1 3/22/2013

Lake County Search and Rescue requested Mutual Aid in the search for a missing 12 year old girl from Cobb, CA. The girl did not show up to school on thursday morning. Lake County searched through the evening and called mutual aid on friday morning. Ten members of Marin SAR along with Mendocino, Napa and Sonoma counties responded to assist in the search. Members of Marin played critical roles in managing the search and Napa and Marin worked cooperatively to write plans for Saturday after no clues were found.

Marinwood Search 3/10/2013

Marin SAR was requested to assist in a trail rescue for two hikers who lost a trail in the darkness. They were in limited cell phone contact but were not located by the time SAR was called. As members arrived on scene, two deputies were able to get the pair to a trail and began walking the subjects out. Both of the subjects were evaluated by fire personnel and one was transported to the hospital by Paramedics. 9 members made it on scene and worked with MCSO deputies, Open Space and MMWD Rangers, Marinwood Fire and San Rafael Fire.

Alpine Lake Search 3/8/2013

Marin SAR was requested in the search for a man who was reported missing and vehicle was found near Alpine Dam in the Mt Tam watershed. 17 members of Marin SAR, one member of the Sheriff’s Posse along with 6 CARDA members, MMWD rangers and the San Francisco PD marine unit responded to assist in the search. Dog’s were deployed at the waters edge as well as in boats in the water. In addition, trailing dogs worked from the vehicle itself. Members also searched areas of the shoreline as well as trails in the immediate vicinity of the dam. A remotely operated vehicle brought by the San Francisco Police Department was able to locate the subject in the water. No evidence of foul play was found and the subject was recovered by the Marin County Sheriff Dive team.

Mt Tam Search 2/18/2013

Marin SAR was requested to assist in the search for a missing man and woman who were overdue for a hike. Their vehicle was located near the Cataract Trailhead. They called 911 due to darkness and not being able to see the trail but were unsure about where they were. Members of the team responded along with Marin Sheriff Deputies and Marin Municipal Water District Rangers. A short time into the search, the subjects were located on a trail and were walked out.

Sonoma County Mutual Aid, Day 5 2/17/2013

17 Marin members returned to Sonoma to follow up on the search for the missing subject in Annadel State Park. Based on the large collection of GPS tracks combined with possible clues, Sonoma decided to refocus the search effort. One of the assignments was hiking up a creek bed for five miles looking for any clues. Numerous other drainages were searched with no relevant clues found.

Sonoma County Mutual Aid, Day 4 2/6/2013

Six members returned to Sonoma for additional searching. Team members conducted a large area grid search and followed up on potential clues. Nothing relevant was located.

Sonoma County Mutual Aid, Day 3 2/5/2013

Marin SAR sent another five members to Sonoma to continue the search. No relevant clues were located after a refocused search effort.

Sonoma County Mutual Aid, Day 2 2/4/2013

Five Marin SAR members returned to Sonoma for additional searching. Once again, Marin provided transportation using the UTV and also set up a portable high band radio repeater for better communications on the incident. A CARDA team also located the subjects clothing and some personal belongings but no other clues were found.

Sonoma County Mutual Aid, Day 1 2/3/2013

Sonoma County SAR requested mutual aid assistance for a missing male in Annadel State Park outside of Santa Rosa. The missing subjects car was located at an entrance to the park and he was also seen by a mountain biker just off of a trail. 10 members of Marin SAR responded. During the operation, our team responded to multiple medical aids during the busy weekend in addition to providing transport in our UTV. No additional clues were located.

Kentfield Recovery 1/14/2013

Marin SAR was put on standby for the recovery of a body found in Corte Madera creek. The sheriff’s dive team along with Kentfield Fire were able to successfully recover the subject. It was later determined that this was the individual that our team searched for during the week of December 24, 2012.

Marin City Evidence Search 1/11/2013

The Marin County Sheriff’s Office requested Marin SAR to help with an evidence search following a homicide in Marin City. 12 members searched various areas near the crime scene but were unable to locate and relevant clues or evidence.

San Rafael Evidence Search 1/2/2013

San Rafael police requested the assistance of Marin SAR in an evidence search following a domestic dispute. Members searched the area and found the evidence within an hour that the police were looking for.

Stinson Beach Search 1/1/2013

Marin SAR was requested to assist in locating to missing persons who 911 from their cell phone to say they were lost after dark. Rangers, deputies and Stinson Beach Fire conducted a hasty search. Shortly after Marin SAR was officially requested. The missing persons were located uninjured by a state park ranger and were escorted out of the area.