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Matt Davis Trail Missing Person and Rescue 12/31/2012

A runner called 911 to report he was lost on the west side of Mt Tam above Stinson Beach. An initial hasty search was performed by rangers, deputies and members of the Stinson Beach Fire Dept. Due to the cold weather and unknown location, Marin SAR was activated. Members responded and were deployed before they even got to the command post. Mutual aid was called early on due to limited availability of local resources and very cold temperatures. Early in the morning, a team from Napa County located to missing subject with mild to moderate hypothermia. A rescue team was sent to the scene and spent 5 hours negotiated steep terrain to extricate the subject. Participating agencies included Marin County Sheriff’s Deputies, State Park Rangers, National Park Rangers, Stinson Beach Fire, Marin County Fire, Southern Marin Fire, Stinson Beach Water District, Napa County SAR, Contra Costa County SAR, CARDA, CHP, BAMRU, San Mateo SAR and Solano SAR.

Kent Lake Missing Persons 12/29/2012

Two missing people were reported missing by their family in the area of Alpine Dam on the North side of Mt Tam. The subjects had intermittent cell phone contact with authorities. A general location was established and a helicopter was requested. It was dark at this point and very cold. Just as the battery was running out on the cell phone, the missing persons reported that the helicopter was overhead. Team’s were guided into the area by the helicopter and located both missing persons. Neither subject had a map, flashlight or other essentials and finding them was critically important based on how cold it was going to get that evening. Other agencies that assisted included the Marin Municipal Water District, CHP H-30 and the Marin County Sheriff’s Office.

Santa Cruz Mutual Aid 12/24/2012

Marin SAR was requested to assist in a search for a missing women while we were still searching in Kentfield. As we were mobilizing a small team to respond, the subject was located.

Corte Madera Creek Missing Person, Day 2 12/27/2012

A follow up search was conducted for the missing man which included various agencies and resources. Contra Costa County provided advanced underwater imaging while Marin SAR members continued to search both sides of the creek as well as go door to door on properties adjacent to the creek to have the residents search their shoreline. The Marin water rescue team also assisted by putting a boat in the water along with Marin SAR’s inflatable boat. No clues were located and active searching was suspended.

Corte Madera Creek Missing Person, Day 1 12/24/2012

Marin SAR was requested to assist in the search for a missing man who jumped in the Corte Madera Creek in Kentfield during a traffic stop. 28 members responded and searched on both sides of the creek from the point last seen to highway 101. We also deployed a boat in Corte Madera Creek. No clues were located.

Muir Woods Road Rescue 12/15/2012

Marin County Fire requested our assistance for a vehicle over the side of Muir Woods road, The vehicle was about ¼ mile down from four corners off of Panoramic Highway. A minivan went off the road and came to rest approximately 150 ft. from the road. Some hikers heard the drivers call for help over 3 hours after the accident occurred. A true multi-agency response effected a successful rescue. The patient was transported to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. Agencies involved included the Marin County Fire , Southern Marin Fire, Mill Valley Fire, Marin County Sheriff’s Office, National Park Service, California Highway Patrol and 16 members of Marin County Search and Rescue.

San Rafael Evidence Search 12/14/2012

Marin SAR was requested by San Rafael Police to assist in an investigation following a shooting at the transit center in San Rafael. Members conducted an evidence search of the transit center as well as surrounding areas and located several items that were believed to be related to the shooting.

Mendocino County Mutual Aid 12/5/2012

Mendocino County requested mutual aid assistance to locate a missing 58 year old male in southern Mendocino County. As Marin was coordinating a response, the subject was located alive with mild hypothermia.

Cataract Trail Rescue 11/23/2012

Marin SAR was requested for an injured hiker on the upper section of the Cataract Trail. Shortly after initial dispatch, our team was cancelled.

San Rafael Evidence Search 11/23/2012

San Rafael Police requested our teams assistance following a shooting in the parking lot of Club 101 on San Rafael. Seventeen members responded to assist and performed grid searches of the parking lot and adjacent areas. Several items were found that were believed to be related to the incident.

Thanksgiving Day Pine Mountain Bike Ride Support 11/22/2012

The Marin Municipal Water District asked for our teams support during the annual Thanksgiving Day mountain bike ride on the Pine Mountain loop on Mt Tam. Hundreds of riders participate each year. This year 14 of our members assisted, with one of those members riding the route himself. During the event our team treated and transported to patients who had possible shoulder and clavicle injuries. We utilized our ATV’s and UTV to minimize impact to the fire roads and also provided a communication backup by placing a repeater strategically on Pine Mountain during the ride.

Mendocino County Mutual Aid 11/19/2012

Mendocino County Search and Rescue called for assistance with a missing Dirt Bike rider in Cow Mountain near Ukiah. The rider became separated from his group and was missing overnight. Our team responded along with other mutual aid resources. Just as our team was driving up to the command post at the Cow Mountain Staging area, the subject was located alive. He was transported to a local hospital for evaluation. The rider experienced mechanical issues with his bike and tried to make his way out the day before. He decided to stop overnight and then was able to find his way to a local ranch the next morning where he called for help.

Tomales Law Enforcement Support 11/5/2012

5 Marin SAR members responded to a remote ranch south of Tomales to provide support for a law enforcement operation. A suspected serial burglar was spotted in Tomales and made his way down to this ranch. A manhunt was conducted by several area law enforcement agencies led by the Marin County Sheriff. Marin SAR provided communication and transportation support using our repeater, ATV’s and UTV. The subject was apprehended later that night by a Sheriff Deputy.

Cataract Trail Rescue 11/4/2012

Marin County Fire requested our teams assistance with an injured hiker on the Cataract Trail on Mt Tam. While our team was being dispatched, it was determined that our assistance would not be needed based on the injuries of the subject.

Fresno County Mutual Aid, Days 1-3 10/28/2012

Four members assisted Fresno County with a search for an overdue backpacker. The subject of the search was supposed to return after a scheduled backpacking trip but did not show up, launching the search. Fresno County searched through the weekend but were unable to locate the subject, prompting a request for mutual aid. Marin responded and were assigned to search a portion of the John Muir Trail. Our team was flown to their assignment on a National Guard Blackhawk helicopter. Near the end of the day, a CHP helicopter located tracks in the snow and were able to follow them until they located the subject. The missing person was in very good shape overall and was transported back to the command post. He survived by fishing and conserving his food as much as possible. He attempted to continue on his original route, but was turned around by the amount of snow that had fallen in the area. Our team was unable to get a flight out that evening and spent the night in a high sierra meadow before getting an early morning Blackhawk flight back to the command post. After a hot breakfast and debriefing, our team drove back to Marin.

Alpine County Mutual Aid, Days 1 & 2 10/22/2012

Alpine County requested assistance in the search for a missing 14 year old boy and his 40 year old uncle. Marin responded initially with four members to a search area near Bear Valley that had already seen two feet of snow. Later that same day, 3 more members responded to assist. Marin assumed a dual role of assisting in the command post and fielding search teams. Plans were written the first night for a larger search effort the next day. Meanwhile snow continued to fall with low visibility making searching extremely difficult. As another wave of five more Marin members were responding the next day. The uncle was located alive but severely hypothermic. He indicated that his 14 year old nephew was tragically deceased. Marin’s team continued to respond until the 14 year old’s body was located about three hours later. The subjects were able to build a fire, but were unprepared for the conditions they experienced. The snow was very wet and temperatures were sub freezing in the search area which were the cause of this searches unfortunate outcome.

Yosemite Mutual Aid 10/9/2012

A park employee didn’t show up to an orientation for work and an investigation and search was started. Simultaneous to Marin having six members in Trinity county, our team was asked to assist with this search in Yosemite. Five members responded to the Wawona ranger station to search for the missing 23 year old. Marin’s assignment was to clear all the trails between the valley’s south rim and glacier point road. Part way into the search, the subject was located about two miles from Wawona, off trail and injured. She was evacuated by park personnel and taken to the hospital for treatment.

Trinity County Mutual Aid, Days 1-3 10/8/2012

Marin SAR responded to a remote area of southern Trinity county to assist in the search for a missing 55 year old hunter. Six Marin members assisted by setting up a remote command post with computers, mapping and communications in a dirt parking area within an hour of arrival. A briefing was held and plans were written for the next operational period. Two days after Marin’s arrival, the subject was located by a search team in an area that had been searched previously. A CHP helicopter flew the subject back to the command post with only minor scrapes and blisters. The subject of the search became lost very early in his hunting trip and ended up spending four unexpected nights out by creating shelters in tree hollows and eating a little bit of food he was able to find. He likely wandered during most of the daylight hours which made it difficult to rule out searched areas. Numerous SAR teams from all over Northern California assisted in this search effort.

Solano County Mutual Aid 10/4/2012

Marin SAR responded to Fairfield in Solano County to assist in the search for a missing 70 year old woman. The subject of the search had left her assisted living facility previously, but she also had medical conditions that necessitated an urgent search. 13 Marin SAR members arrived in Fairfield and began writing plans when the subject called 911 herself and was located.

Sausalito Missing Person Search 9/27/2012

Sausalito PD requested the assistance of Marin SAR to search for a missing 88 year old woman. The subject left her home earlier in the day and did not return. Sausalito PD did an extensive hasty search of the area by searching all the city streets. Marin SAR was called and responded with 28 members. Teams were sent to search trails near the subjects home as well as go door to door on her street. Fire units searched the waterfront on foot and by boat while PD units continued to search streets and parks. Approximately two hours into the search, the subject was located in Mill Valley, approximately five miles outside the initial search area. It appears she walked all the way there, and was located by an observant Mill Valley Police Sergeant. Overall, 50 people from various agencies assisted in this search. Aside from Sausalito PD and VIP’s, there was National Park Service Rangers, Southern Marin Fire, Marin County Sheriff and Mill Valley PD. The subject was checked out by paramedics and released to go home.

San Rafael Missing Person Search 8/17/2012

Marin SAR was requested to assist in the search for a missing 67 year old woman who went missing from her home in the Dominican neighborhood of San Rafael. The woman suffered from Alzheimer’s and left her home in early afternoon and did not return. San Rafael police conducted a hasty search in the neighborhood and quickly called Marin SAR to assist. Once Marin SAR was on scene, a pair of mountain bikers stopped at a patrol car and asked if they were looking for a woman that they had seen farther up a fire road. Members of Marin SAR along with San Rafael Fire drove up the fire road to find the missing person just off the road. She was in good condition overall but was transported to a hospital as a precaution. The fire road she was found on is rarely ridden by mountain bikers. 8 members made it on scene with another 12 members in route when the subject was located.

San Rafael Evidence Search 8/9/2012

12 Marin SAR members assisted San Rafael Police in an evidence search. Members of our team searched and area of the Canal neighborhood following a shooting earlier in the week. No evidence was located.

Point Reyes Seashore Rescue Response 8/5/2012

Point Reyes National Seashore Rangers along with Marin County Fire responded to Alamere Falls on the remote coast of Pt Reyes. A woman had taken a fall earlier that day and it took over an hour for a witness to hike out to get a cell phone signal to call for help. Because of the remote location and uncertain weather conditions, a SAR response was initiated to assist in a carryout if needed. As units were responding, Sonoma County Sheriff Helicopter Henry 1 was able to make access to the location and pick up the patient. Just as SAR units arrived on scene, the patient was flown to an landing zone along highway one. We responded with two vehicles, two ATV’s and our new six passenger UTV. 12 Marin SAR members made it on scene and would have played a large role in the extrication if the clouds and fog were any worse.

Tomales Bay Evidence Search 8/1/2012

SAR assisted the Marin County Sheriff-Coroner’s office in an evidence search at Tom’s Point in Tomales Bay. 7 members assisted with planning this search the night before and 12 members searched for 8 hours and found no further clues or evidence. Due to the active nature of this investigation, no further information can be provided.

Inyo County Mutual Aid 7/31/2012

Five members of Marin SAR participated in a search for a missing doctor from Carson City, Nevada. This search was west of Big Pine in the Palisades area of the Sierra Nevada. The missing subject was hiking with a group and decided to attempt to summit Norman Clyde Peak. He never returned to his group and a large search was initiated. Our team was flown to over 11,000 ft. by a National Guard Helicopter and searched a large technical drainage. The missing subject was located deceased later that evening by a Sequoia National Park helicopter on the southeast face of the peak. Our team made it safely out of their search assignment and returned to Marin the next morning.

San Mateo Mutual Aid, Day 3 7/28/2012

During the fourth operational period, Marin sent 12 members to assist. Two of our members were in overhead and the rest of the team was searching out in the field. No further clues were located and active searching was suspended.

San Mateo Mutual Aid, Day 2 7/27/2012

8 members responded during the third operational period for the woman missing from Pacifica. The search area was expanded during this time and areas close to her home were searched again. No clues were located.

San Mateo Mutual Aid, Day 1 7/26/2012

19 Marin SAR team members responded to assist Pacifica PD and San Mateo SAR in the search for a missing 76 year old women. The missing subject left her home which borders a large open space area and has not been seen since. During the day our members participated in overhead and went on many field assignments that ranged from Urban searching, to trails to area searching.

Inyo County Mutual Aid 7/25/2012

Three Marin SAR members were preparing to leave for Inyo County for a missing hiker in the area of Mt. Langley. The missing subject was from Marin and had become separated from his group and summited Mt. Langley on the border of Inyo County and Sequoia National Park. He never returned to his group and a search in the National Park and Inyo County began. While organizing transportation for the mission, the subject was located deceased high up on the mountain.

Yosemite Evidence/Follow Up Search 7/19/2012

During our team’s annual training trip to Yosemite, we participated in a volunteer project. This year’s project was a follow up search for a missing person. Ruthanne Rupert went missing in 2000 and evidence was located in 2008. No further clues or evidence were located during search efforts at both of these times. Our team conducted a follow up search based on the location of the evidence found in 2008. 29 team members were organized into multiple teams during an all team planning process the night before and searched a large drainage in Yosemite Valley. No further clues or evidence were located during this search effort.

Solano County Mutual Aid 7/15/2012

Marin SAR was requested to assist in the search for a missing 38 year old male near the southeast end of Lake Berryessa. 11 members were prepared to respond to help search and provide overhead support. The subject was located late sunday evening by voice call and was eventually evacuated from the area.

Marin County Fair Support, Days 1-6 6/30/2012

Over 20 members of Marin SAR helped at various times during the annual Marin County Fair. Our team was ready for anything and was there to support the Sheriff’s Office and to help ensure the safety of the public. During the event, there were nearly 50 reports of missing people, all of which were safely reunited with their families. In addition, Marin SAR assisted with multiple medical aids and provided other logistical support to the Sheriff’s Office.

Santa Cruz Mutual Aid 6/30/2012

Marin SAR was requested to assist in the Search for a missing Alzheimer’s patient in Santa Cruz County. As Marin SAR was mobilizing, we received word the the subject of the search was located.

China Camp Rescue Assist 6/28/2012

Marin SAR received a request to assist with the carryout of an injured mountain biker in China Camp State Park. San Rafael Fire was already on scene of a Mountain Biker who was severely injured after falling down a ravine off of the Bayview Trail in the park. Initially no rescue helicopters were available. 18 Marin SAR members responded along with one rescue truck to assist. A Coast Guard helicopter was available and performed a rescue using their hoist. SAR members assisted with managing the landing zone. The patient was transported to the hospital by the Coast Guard helicopter, with an SRFD medic on board.

Dipsea Race Missing Person Search 6/10/2012

At the end of the Dipsea Race in Stinson Beach, two girls were reported missing during the festivities. Marin SAR worked with Golden Gate National Recreation Area rangers to quickly mobilize a search effort. One of the girls was found by a parent and the other was located by one of our team members.

Dipsea Race Support 6/10/2012

Marin SAR fielded 16 members who provided race support during the annual Dipsea Race on Mt Tam. During the race, Marin SAR participated in four medical aids and was on standby for any carryout or significant injuries on the course. Our team also managed a back up communication system and patching two frequencies together.

Mt Tam Missing Persons Search 6/3/2012

Marin Municipal Water District rangers requested the assistance of Marin SAR in the search for a group of three hikers missing on Mt Tam. The group became separated from a larger group during their hike. As SAR members were responded, the group hiked out to their vehicles where rangers were waiting.

Golden Gate Bridge Anniversary Standby 5/27/2012

Marin SAR assisted the Sheriff’s Office and Golden Gate National Recreation Area during the celebrations surrounding the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge. Ten members were staged at Ft. Baker ready to assist with minor medical emergencies as well as any technical rescues on the steep cliffs of the Marin Headlands.

Yosemite Mutual Aid 5/20/2012

Yosemite Search and Rescue requested Mutual Aid assistance in the search for a missing 22 year old college student in the Kibbie Lake area of Yosemite National Park. Seven Marin SAR team members responded. Our team was flown into the field, adjacent to the PLS, via Yosemite’s helicopter H-551. Our team searched a large area to the south of the PLS and Kibbie Lake. This area was bordered on the east by a mapped trail that was difficult at times to follow and Kibbie Creek to the west. The terrain was mixed with meadows, heavy manzanita, granite slabs, steep hillsides and cliffs. About half way through our initial area assignment, the subject was located. H-551 spotted the subject well outside of the primary search area and several miles east of the PLS. He was in good condition. Teams were then flown out of the field and we returned to Marin 5/21. Other mutual aid teams included Bay Area Mountain Rescue, Contra Costa County SAR and Monterey County SAR.

Muir Woods Trail Rescue 5/20/2012

Seven members responded to assist Marin County Fire and National Park Rangers with a carry out of an injured hiker with a lower leg injury in Muir Woods National Monument. The patient was safely extricated with assistance from Marin SAR.

Kent Lake Search 5/19/2012

Two teenagers were reported missing in the Kent Lake watershed. The two had gone fishing and got lost and ended up staying the night near the lake. Marin SAR was activated and 34 members were on scene or en route when the two waived down SAR members at Shafter Bridge below Kent Lake. The pair ended up bushwhacking and eventually found the Pine Mountain Fire road where they ran into some hikers who were familiar with the area. The hiked out to the Meadow Club and hitchhiked back to their vehicles where SAR members were located.

Monterey County Mutual Aid 5/17/2012

Marin SAR responded to assist Monterey County in the search for a missing 53 year old women missing for three days. Marin sent 15 members to assist. Part way into the search, a team consisting of all youth members decided to search a small road adjacent to their search assignment. As they were searching, one of the team members looked into the creek below and saw the subject. A voice call was done, and the victim responded! The team quickly sprang into action by ordering additional resources and stabilizing the patient. Paramedics arrived and the patient was airlifted to a hospital after a very successful search. The subject of the search was most likely in the same spot for a good portion of the 36 hours she was missing.

Mendocino Mutual Aid 5/8/2012

Marin SAR was requested to assist in a search for a missing man in the area of Mendocino Woodlands State Park, who had been missing for 24 hours. 16 members were preparing to respond early the next morning when the subject was able to self extricate and was found in Fort Bragg.

Novato Evidence Search 5/2/2012

The team was requested by Novato Police to assist in an evidence search related to a shooting in Novato. 14 team members searched a field adjacent to a home that was shot at. Members used metal detectors and performed a grid search to locate bullet casings. None were found.

Sheriff’s Office Support 5/1/2012

Marin SAR provided 10 members to assist the Sheriff’s Office with logistics during the Occupy Golden Gate protests and subsequent protests at the Larkspur Ferry Terminal. SAR members provided logistical support and tracked all Marin resources assigned to the incident.

Big Rock Rescue Assist 4/29/2012

Two members were returning from Boot Camp and overheard a dispatch for an injured person on Big Rock above Lucas Valley. The members responded with our new UTV to assist if needed. The patient was extricated by Sonoma County Henry-1 and the UTV was used to transport people and equipment off the hill.

San Rafael Evidence Search 4/20/2012

Seven members assisted the Marin County Sheriff’s Office with an evidence search following a robbery of a marijuana dispensary in unincorporated San Rafael. Our team searched an area near Loch Lomond Marina. The team was primarily looking for a weapon that was used in the robbery. No weapons were located, but members were able to identify a possible route of travel for one of the suspects.

Mill Valley Evidence Search 4/19/2012

The Marin County Sheriff’s Office requested our assistance with an evidence search following a shooting in Mill Valley. 13 members of your team searched a small marshy area for athe weapon used in the shooting. Members employed metal detectors, rain boots and waders in the muddy and wet field. No clues were located during the search effort.

Monterey County Mutual Aid 4/5/2012

Seven Marin SAR members responded to a remote area of Monterey County near Big Sur. Two fisherman went for a hike and had been three days overdue. One of the fisherman was able to make it out and narrow the search area. Marin SAR joined on the third day of searching and searched a creek drainage where some of the missing subjects equipment was located. The terrain was very rough and rocky in the river drainage. No new clues were located and the subject remains missing. Update: 4/11/2012 - The subject was located deceased in a very remote and rugged area of the river.

Santa Clara Mutual Aid, Day 2 4/21/2012

Marin SAR sent 12 members to assist Santa Clara County in the Search for Sierra LaMar. This was the second time Marin assisted in this search. Members were split into three teams and searched areas throughout southern Santa Clara County. No relevant clues were located.

Santa Clara Mutual Aid, Day 1 3/24/2012

Marin sent 15 members to assist in this large scale search. The search area included a large area in the vicinity of her home. No relevant clues were located and the investigation into her disappearance continues.

Mt Tam Search 3/13/2012

Marin SAR responded with 20 members to search for a backpacker who was lost and in spotty cell phone contact with dispatchers on the south side of Mt Tam. The backpacker had been out for two days and somehow became separated from his backpack and cell phone overnight during a heavy rain storm with strong winds and low visibility. The subject was in his sleeping bag overnight and was able to call for help in the morning. Deputies and Rangers were already searching for the subject when SAR was called. Shortly after SAR members began arriving on scene. A ranger was able to locate the subject. He was suffering from mild hypothermia, but otherwise was in good condition.

Occupy San Quentin Law Enforcement Support 2/20/2012

14 Members assisted the Sheriffs Office and nearly every law enforcement agency in Marin during the Occupy San Quentin Protest. Marin SAR checked in over 150 officers and provided other logistical support. Fortunately, the protests remained peaceful and SAR members had checked out all the officers by late afternoon.

Rock Springs Missing Person 2/11/2012

Marin SAR was requested at 0130 hours to search for a missing 30 year old male. The subject was reported missing by his roommate and the vehicle was located at the Rock Springs Parking Lot in Mt Tamalpais State Park. The subject was know to hike from Rock Springs Parking lot to Hidden Lake. Members were about to deploy into the field when the subject returned to his vehicle where a state park ranger was waiting. He was suffering from mild hypothermia and was evaluated by the Fire Department.

San Mateo County Mutual Aid 2/1/2012

Eighteen Marin SAR members were getting ready to respond to San Mateo County for a missing 20 year old male who was last seen at La Canada College. The missing subject was last seen on security footage at the college. Prior to our members leaving the county, the subject was located at Stanford Hospital with minor injuries.

Solano County Mutual Aid 1/19/2012

Marin SAR along with other Bay Area SAR teams were requested to assist Solano County SAR and Vallejo Police in a search for a missing 89 year old male in Vallejo. As our team was responding, the subject was located about six miles from his home by a family friend.

San Rafael Evidence Search 1/15/2012

San Rafael Police requested the assistance of the SAR team in located a weapon believed to be used in a possible robbery at a motel nearby. 27 members searched the surrounding area but were unable to locate the weapon. The gun was later found by San Rafael Police outside of our search area.

Novato Evidence/Tracking Search 1/8/2012

Six Marin SAR members, specially trained in mantracking, assisted Novato Police and Novato Fire in the investigation of a series of arson fires in the Novato area. Members searched the burn areas and were able to provide key assistance to the investigative agencies.

Greenbrae Evidence Search 1/4/2012

Marin SAR responded to assist the Marin County Sheriff’s office with an evidence search following a home invasion robbery in Greenbrae where both the victim and suspect shot each other. 25 members searched for a gun that was used by the suspect during the robbery. No weapon was located by team members. The gun was later located in the residence after a search warrant was obtained.