1/4/20 - Steep Ravine Carryout

While at a night navigation class at San Domenico College, a 5 person team of Marin SAR members was requested by Stinson Beach Fire to assist with a carryout. SAR response was canceled en route. 


1/15/20 - Fairfax Missing Hikers

44 SAR members helped assist in a call for 2 missing hikers in Cascade Canyon. A ranger was able to get the missing party’s GPS coordinate. 8 ground teams covered nearby trails, finding the 2 missing people in thick brush and steep terrain. The patients were determined ambulatory and SAR teams helped them walk out. 


1/20/20 - Butte County Missing Dirt Bike Rider

Marin SAR was requested by Butte County in a search for a dirt bike rider. One Marin member was assigned as plans chief, while others were assigned to ground and K9 teams. The missing biker was found uninjured an hour after MSAR arrived.


1/23/20 - Mariposa Missing Person

Marin SAR responded thirteen members to assist Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office in the search for a missing 75 YOM. Marin was configured into two teams, each team being assigned area search segments. Utilizing the new thermal imaging binoculars, they reported spotting a mountain lion and could see small rodents from long distances. A Tuolumne County SAR team made contact with the subject. They conducted a short carryout to a nearby road and transported him by ambulance.


1/23/20 - Tam Valley Missing Person 

SAR was requested for a missing despondent 19 YOF. As SAR was arriving on scene, friends and family of the missing female convinced her to seek help. She was driven by a friend to the Mill Valley Public Safety Building where she was contacted by officers and transported to MGH. 


2/5/20 - K9 Technical Rescue

SAR was requested to assist Marin County Open Space with a technical rope rescue of a 16-year-old K9 that had been missing for 30 hours. Two MCOSD Rangers located Coco but due to her condition, SAR prepared for a rope rescue operation. After a primary assessment, Coco was hauled up, reunited with her owner, and transported by the Marin Humane Society to a nearby pet hospital.


2/8/20 - Ross Missing Dementia

SAR was called to assist the Sheriff’s Office with a missing adult female with dementia in Ross. The subject went missing between 1 am and 8 am from her home. The team was activated and had a quick response. As we were setting up the CP at the Sheriff’s Substation at College of Marin, the subject was located by a neighbor.


2/15/20 - San Pedro Ridge Missing Person

Marin SAR was requested to assist deputies and rangers on the scene of a missing female who was off-trail on San Pedro Ridge. She was confused about her location and had only a little cell phone battery remaining. Minutes after an ICP was set up, her husband called and reported he had located her and was taught how to share GPS data from his phone. SAR arrived on scene shortly afterward and provided water to the lost party. 


2/16/20 - Inverness Missing Couple

Marin SAR was requested for a missing couple in the neighborhood of Seahaven in the town of Inverness. Teams began to hasty search the trails and beaches in the nearby Tomales Bay State Park and surrounding community. Teams encountered very dense and often impenetrable vegetation off all trails surrounding the cottage and greater neighborhood. Resources included trailing and area K-9 teams, UAV’s, ground search teams, H-32, Marin County Fire RWCs for the adjacent water areas, E-bikes and a ground team with thermal imaging binoculars and a parabolic mic. The next day, Mutual Aid SAR teams from Sonoma, Napa, Contra Costa, Alameda, San Mateo, BAMRU, CARDA along with State Parks, Marin County Fire Water Rescue, NPS and aviation units from the Highway Patrol arrived to support the Marin County Sheriff’s assets in the search. By the end of the OP 2, 49 search assignments were completed. The next 4 days search assignments were completed by ground teams, K-9 search teams, UAV teams, water search assets, and helicopters. In OP 7, ground teams, K-9 teams, UAV teams, and a mounted posse team were deployed. Approximately 90 minutes into their assignment, a K-9 team located the missing couple after hearing them shout for help. The ICP initiated a rescue response, utilizing a helicopter for the extraction of the couple.


2/18/20 - Marinwood Missing Hiker

Marin SAR arrived on scene about 14:15 and set up the ICP. Many Marin SAR members were diverted from the ongoing search in Inverness, as well as several BAMRU members. SAR deployed a number of hasty teams by ground, e-bike and UTV. A Marin K9 team found an area of interest about 1000m down the trail from the MP’s car. An area K9 team arrived around that time and the Marin team relayed the interest. This team located the MP alive, but unresponsive. SAR decided to carry the patient to the UTV and drive him to a waiting ALS ambulance at the trailhead. 


2/24/20 - San Rafael Missing Dementia

San Rafael Police requested a SAR call out for a missing 72 YOM with dementia who was last seen at noon by his wife. Twenty-two members responded, despite the interview night in progress. Fortunately, he was located by a San Rafael Police unit a short time later.


3/2/20 - Tennessee Valley Missing Person

Marin SAR was requested to search for a missing 56YOM in Tennessee Valley. There were 2 OP periods utilizing ground and K-9 teams. In OP 2, the MP was located deceased by a search team.


3/2/20 - Lagunitas Missing Person

Marin SAR established a management team to plan for a search for a missing 73 YOM. No significant clues were reported from the search assignments. After investigation, the MP was found in a treatment facility in Southern California.


3/4/20 - San Anslemo Missing Dementia

The team was activated by the Central Marin Police Department for a missing 85 YOF with dementia. SAR utilized a combination of teams on foot and teams in vehicles to begin a wide area search of San Anselmo. At 10:30 a resident reported an elderly female was knocking on their door requesting to come in because there was a little girl missing. SAR teams and officers were on her heals and arrived in moments to find her in good condition.


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