1/13/18 - Mendocino County Missing Person

Marin members responded to the area of Redwood Valley to assist Mendocino County with the search for a missing person. Teams deployed in the morning with Marin assuming various roles on the search and working closely to support Mendocino. In the early afternoon, a Marin team located the subject alive and uninjured but altered after spending 3 days outside. 33 team members responded.


1/19/18 - Montecito (Santa Barbara County) Mudslide Search

Following the devastating fires just outside of Santa Barbara, there was a series of mudslides the flowed through entire communities. There were several people still missing and Santa Barbara requesting a large K9 search response through CARDA. Four of our dog teams responded along with our Unit Leader to serve as a technical specialist. Dog teams were deployed in various areas within the search area and each segment was searched by three different dogs. The remains of one victim were located during the initial hours of the first day of searching, helping to bring closure to family and friends.


2/19/18 - Stinson Beach Missing Hikers

2 people were hiking above Stinson Beach and followed a trail that was on a map down towards Stinson. The trail got smaller and smaller and eventually the two hikers found themselves off trail. They realized they were lost and called for help. Marin SAR responded and sent a team up from the bottom and another down from the top. Our teams located the two hikers and assisted them out of the area. 32 members assisted.

18-04-1 and 18-04-2

2/21-22/18 - Hetch Hetchy Missing Backpacker

Yosemite National Park requested type 1 searchers for a missing backpacker near Hetch Hetchy Reservoir. The Marin team set up our printers and computers and then set out on a 10 mile hike in snow to the assigned search area. They searched that afternoon in winter storm conditions and then returned to the spike camp for the night. In the morning, the team woke to nearly two feet of snow in areas. An additional team drove up and met up with the first team and continued searching the area. Once the weather cleared, a helicopter was able to locate the missing subject’s tent. The subject had injured his ankle and was able to ration his food and stay in his tent until he was found. A prepared backpacker led to a great outcome!

18-05-1 and 18-05-2

3/8/18 and 3/11/18 - Mendocino County Missing Person

Mendocino County requested assistance with a missing person/abduction search near Covelo. Several Marin members assisted with planning and then 31 members responded to assist in the search. Team members were sent as vehicle teams to search several areas. Unfortunately, no significant clues were located during the search.


3/12/18 - Novato evidence search

SAR was requested to conduct an evidence search following a car chase and armed robbery. SAR searched several sites along highway 101 looking for anything related to the suspects. No items were located and 25 members assisted.

18-07-1 and 18-07-2

3/16-17/18 - Bear Valley (Alpine County) Missing Skier

Marin responded with several other type 1 teams to search the Bear Valley Ski Area for a missing skier. The skier was very experienced, but had been skiing alone during heavy snowfall. Teams searched several areas within the boundary of the ski area, checking tree wells and probing other areas. Several feet of snow had fallen at the resort since the subject went missing. The subject was not located during the initial search efforts. About two months later, a follow up search was conducted once more snow had melted utilizing dogs and ground searchers. The remains of the subject were located, bringing closure to the family. 16 Marin members assisted in the search.


3/23/18 - Deputy Ryan Zirkle Memorial Support

Marin SAR was asked to support the memorial service for Deputy Ryan Zirkle, who tragically died in a car accident. SAR members assisted with logistics and parking for the service and many members stayed for the service itself. 15 members assisted.


4/2/18 - Missing Autistic in Stinson Beach (cancelled)

SAR was requested for a missing Autistic 10 year old in Stinson Beach. Just as the team was about to be paged out, the boy was located.


4/3/18 - Mendocino Car Crash Search

A large mutual aid search was conducted for the victims of a car crash along the Mendocino Coast. Marin searched several areas along highway 1, cliffs and the beach in the area of the crash looking for the victims or any other clues. No relevant clues were located. 17 Marin members assisted.


4/7/18 - Mt. Tam missing children (cancelled)

State Parks requested a SAR response for two missing 8 year olds near Alice Eastwood. As the team was being paged out, the children were located by their parents.


4/15/18 - Pine Mountain Missing Person

SAR was requested to help locate a missing woman last seen near Carson Falls off of the Pine Mountain Fire Road. The woman became separated from her hiker group. Rangers and fire personnel conducted hasty searches of the fire roads and SAR teams hasty searched trails. Late that evening, a Battalion Chief from Marin County Fire heard a distant voice call in Cascade Canyon. Teams were deployed to the area. Due to darkness, thick vegetation, unstable and steep terrain and the loud rushing creek, it took some time to located the woman. The team assisted her out. She was cold, but otherwise ok. 33 members assisted.


4/16/18 - Eel River (Mendocino County) Car Crash Search

Marin was requested to assist in a search for the occupants of a vehicle crash in the Eel River in Mendocino County. As our team was organizing, the last missing person was located deceased by teams on scene.


4/21/18 - Missing Hiker, Cascade Canyon

A 25 year old male became separated from his group and was later reported missing. Marin was mobilizing a team and had just arrived at the command post when it became known that the subject used an ATM card in San Anselmo. 27 members were on scene or responding when the search was cancelled.


5/7/18 - Nevada County Missing Person

13 members responded to Nevada County to search for a missing person whose vehicle was found outside of Grass Valley. Members worked with several other agencies and covered a large area. No significant clues were located. Later, it was determined that the missing subject was the victim of a homicide and his remains have been located and the suspect is in custody.


5/14/18 - San Bruno Missing Person

Marin was requested by OES through San Mateo county to assist in a search for a missing male with dementia in San Bruno. Just prior to the team being notified by our Duty Officer, the subject was located.


5/18/18 - Muir Woods Missing Hiker

SAR responded to Muir Woods to search for a missing hiker after she became separated from her group. As members were responding (with some on scene), the subject was located in Stinson Beach after a long hike. 25 members responded.

18-18-1, 18-18-2 and 18-18-3

5/19/18, 5/22/18 and 5/23/18 - Mendocino County Missing Person

Mendocino County requested mutual aid for a missing woman with dementia in the community of Piercy. Marin assisted with planning and served in the command post during the search. Additional members and K9’s conducted several searches of the surrounding area. The region has many hazards including poison oak, timber slash, stinging nettle, rattlesnakes, dogs and ticks. No relevant clues were located and the subject remains missing after several days of intensive searching.


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