1/7/2017 Storm Support

Marin deployed four members to assist in the County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) during a strong projected storm. Members assisted in the Plans section. The storm ended up being weaker than predicted for marin and the EOC was closed aget a 12 hour night shift.


1/10/2017 Storm Support

23 Marin SAR members assisted with EOC plans sections support and also staffed two crews that were deployed during heavy rains and flooding. One group responded to Mill Valley and provided emergency sandbagging and assisted several homeowners. Another group responded to Ross Valley where the Corte Madera Creek went above flood stage and assisted agencies in that area. Once the rain subsided later that evening, teams were released.


1/25/2017 Missing Hiker - Dias Ridge - Cancelled

SAR was called to help with a search for a missing hiker. As the team was being paged out, the subject was located by a ranger in good condition and returned to her vehicle.


2/12/2017 Novato Evidence Search

Marin SAR assisted the Novato Police Department with an evidence search following a reported assault that occurred. Members searched a large area on either side of Novato Creek and found several potentially relevant clues. 19 members responded.


2/18/2017 Pt. Reyes Evidence Search

Point Reyes rangers requested SAR to respond and assist with an evidence search after human remains were discovered off of Platform Bridge Road in rural West Marin. The area was thoroughly searched with assistance from Sonoma County SAR. Several potential clues were located. 25 members assisted.


2/20/2017 Storm Support

2 Marin members assisted in the EOC and 2 teams of 10 people were put on standby for another projected strong storm in Marin. Based on the actual storm track and impact to Marin, SAR was no longer needed.


3/10/2017 Woodside Missing Person

A 56 year old woman went missing near the town of Woodside in San Mateo County. The San Mateo Sheriff’s Office requested mutual aid assistance. The subject was hiking with her dog near Skyline boulevard and didn’t return to the rental house where her husband and son were. 70 SAR personnel from various agencies searched all day Saturday with no find. 26 Marin members responded.


3/11/2017 Woodside Missing Person

15 Marin members returned to assist in the search. Teams were deployed and asked to search drainages leading off of Skyline Boulevard near where there were several sightings from two days prior. A short time into the days search, the subject, along with her dog were located stuck in a deep drainage. Multiple agencies assisted with the carryout. Overall the subject was on good condition but was transported to the hospital for further evaluation.


3/14/2017 San Francisco K9 Evidence Search

Marin SAR’s K9 team assisted the San Francisco Medical Examiner with an evidence search near the UCSF medical center. 4 members responded along with 2 dogs and methodically performed a search. Several clues were passed on to investigators.


3/19/2017 Vallejo Missing Person

Marin SAR was activated Saturday evening, March 18th through mutual aid to assist in the search for missing 26 year old Lexus Dupaty.  Ms. Dupaty, an at-risk Vallejo woman went missing Friday evening after she was last seen.  Dupaty suffers from a mental disability, which impacts her ability to care for herself. Solano County SAR led the search which included agencies from CARDA, BAMRU, Contra Costa SAR, Vallejo PD, Napa SAR, Sonoma SAR, Yolo SAR, San Mateo SAR, Sacramento SAR, and Marin SAR. Search management plus indications from CARDA’s K9 teams suggested the highest probability search area would be in the Columbus Parkway and Lake Herman Road quadrant.  After a 7:30 A.M. briefing Sunday morning, teams were deployed into the field including ATV’s, ground searchers, a fixed wing plane, K9 units, and patrol cars.  At approximately 2:00 P.M. a call was received by Vallejo PD that a person matching the subjects description was seen walking along Lake Herman Road.  A patrol car was dispatched and 15 minutes later Lexus Dupaty was reunited with her family.  Although having spent two cold nights out by herself Lexus was physically ok but was transported to the hospital for further observation.  


3/19/2017 Vallejo Missing Person

While teams were still searching for the first missing person (see above), a second person was reported missing in Vallejo. Members were assigned to this new search as they became available and conducted a detailed interview of the subjects family. A short time into the search, the subject was located in good condition in the area.


3/19/2017 Pt. Bonita Stranded Hiker - Cancelled

Marin SAR responded along with Southern Marin, CHP and the US Coast Guard to assist a kayaker who got stuck on the rocks near Pt. Bonita. As SAR was en route, the subject was hoisted by a CHP helicopter and was uninjured.


3/27/2017 Fairfax Missing Person - Cancelled

20 members were responding for a missing 92 year old male in Fairfax who had been missing for two hours.. As the team was mobilizing, law enforcement units in the area located the subject.


4/3/2017 Bolinas Missing Person - Cancelled

Marin SAR was requested by the Bolinas Fire Department to assist in the search for a missing 83 year old subject with dementia. As the team was mobilizing, the subject was located. 18 members were responding.


4/7/2017 Amador County Mutual Aid

8 members responded to the town of Pioneer in Amador County to help search for a missing 79 year old woman. The subject had walked away from her home. Teams were deployed to search the area but no clues were located. During searching two days later, the subject was located deceased by a Marin K9 team that responded with CARDA.


4/7/2017 Marin Headlands Technical Evidence Recovery

Marin SAR was requested to assist in a technical recovery of an item over the cliff near Point Bonita. The 7 members recovered the item and turned it over to NPS rangers.


4/7/2017 Mendocino County Mutual Aid - Cancelled

Marin SAR was requested to assist in a search in Mendocino County. Shortly after the team was paged out, the subject was located.


4/19-23/2017 Sierra/Nevada County Missing Plane

Marin SAR was requested to support a search for a missing aircraft north of Truckee. The search area was in Sierra and Nevada Counties. Marin assumed management roles and deployed teams into the field to search for a plane that had disappeared from radar in the area after taking off from Truckee en route to Petaluma. Type 1 teams were deployed via Snowcat, snowmobile and helicopter. At one point, four helicopters from the California National Guard and the US Navy were on scene and supporting the search through aerial searching and team transport. Marin supported the mission for 4 days, filling crucial management functions and searching large areas of the sierra wilderness. No clues were located during the active search. A few weeks later, the plan was located by a snowmobiler with both subjects deceased in heavy trees within the search area. In all close to 25 Marin members supported the mission for one or up to three days.


4/20/2017 Castle Peak Rescue

Just as a second wave arrived at the Sierra/Nevada County Missing Plane incident, there was a report of a fallen hiker on Castle Peak, near Donner Summit. Seven members responded along with Truckee Fire, Nevada County Sheriff’s Office and the CHP. Two helicopters from CHP responded and were able to extricate the subject who was flown to the staging area and transported via helicopter to the hospital.


4/26/2017 Tuolumne County Mutual Aid

Marin responded to assist in the search for a missing snowmobiler in Tuolumne County. On the previous day, the subjects snowmobile was located. Two Marin members assisted in the command post as one team was sent to attempt to follow the tracks from the snowmobile. Other teams were deployed to cover areas around the last known point. No new clues were found during the days search effort. As teams were being recalled, a joint Marin/BAMRU team was taking a break out of their search assignment and located the subject deceased. A deputy responded to the scene and the subject was extricated after about 7 hours. 10 Marin members assisted.


4/26/2017 Swede Gorge Rescue

Late in the evening, MMWD rangers requested SAR assistance with two missing hikers on the North side of Mt. Tam. The hikers had become lost as it became dark and called 911 for assistance. 10 members responded, some were deployed by boat to hike up Swede Gorge and others hiked in with extra equipment in case a carryout was needed. The first team was able to reach the subjects who were cold, but in otherwise good condition. The second team scouted a better path to walk out on. It was still challenging in the wet conditions, but much safer than following the creek. The couple was very appreciative of the Team’s and MMWD’s efforts in helping them.


5/3/2017 Napa County Mutual Aid

Napa County Search and Rescue requested assistance with a missing 69 year old male near the south end of Lake Berryessa. As our K9 teams arrived on scene, a Sheriff’s deputy was searching a creek bed near the subject’s home and spotted the missing person. The two K9 handlers assisted with medical aid while Cal-FIRE responded. The subject was loaded into a litter and was transported to a hospital for further evaluation. 20 members responded.


5/11/2017 San Rafael Missing Person

Central Marin Police requested SAR’s assistance after a vehicle belonging to a missing subject was located in San Rafael. Plans were created to search the surrounding area, including downtown San Rafael, to cover high probability areas. A couple clues came in, but nothing to help locate him. A plan was made to expand the search at daylight. Just as this occurred, the subject was located at is residence in Bolinas. Somehow he was able to hitchhike all the way home. 22 members responded.


5/13/2017 Sonoma County Mutual Aid

15 Marin members responded to the town of Sonoma to look for a missing 83 year old male. The subject went for his daily bike ride the previous afternoon, but did not return. Sonoma SAR searched all night and called mutual aid for the morning. Multiple calls came in with solid sightings from the day before after a reverse 911 call went out to the area. A deputy was sent to the area, and found the subject walking along the road after spending the night out. He was brought back to the command post and taken to the hospital for further evaluation as a precaution.


5/16/2017 San Anselmo Missing Person

An at-risk 12 year old girl was reported missing in San Anselmo and Central Marin Police requested SAR’s assistance in the search. As teams were arriving on scene, plans were being made to search high probability areas, including shopping centers and transit stops. As teams were about to be deployed, a police officer spotted the girl returning to her normal bus stop. Apparently, she spent the night at a friends house and was heading back to school. 31 members responded or assisted in the search.


5/23/2017 Mill Valley Missing Person

Just after midnight, Marin SAR was called to assist in the search for a woman who was reported missing out of Tiburon. The vehicle was located near the Richardson Bay Bridge in Mill Valley. SAR responded with 17 members to search the shoreline and other areas near the last known point. After a few hours of searching, the subject was located deceased in Richardson Bay. Southern Marin Fire conducted the recovery.


6/4/2017 Napa County K9 Mutual Aid

Napa County Sheriff requested assistance with an evidence search in the city of Napa. One of our K9 teams responded to assist with weapons detection following an earlier incident. The team worked alongside Napa County SAR in conducting the search. No relevant evidence was located.


6/13/2017 Calaveras County Mutual Aid - Missing Aircraft

Calaveras County Sheriff requested Mutual Aid for the search of a missing aircraft and pilot after the plane was reported missing. Radar data showed the plane disappeared to the north of its destination. Extensive ground and air searches were conducted, but due to inclement weather, were limited. Marin responded and about two hours into the search, part of the aircraft was located. A short time later, the rest of the aircraft along with the deceased pilot were located by ground teams in an area with heavy tree cover. 13 Marin members assisted.



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