2000 Missions

00-01, Forest Knolls Search 01-11-00   Marin SAR was activated for a missing 2 year old boy in Forest Knolls.  Shortly after activation the child was found by a deputy, barefoot, walking   in the rain with the family dog a short distance from the house.

00-02 Novato Evidence Search Day 1, 01-22-00 Marin SAR was activated to search an area adjacent to a homicide crime scene in the Indian Valley Road area of Novato.  Teams searched the immediate area and along roadsides.  20 members responded on day 1.

00-02 Day 2, 01-23-00  Twelve members responded to search additional areas near the crime scene in the continuing search for evidence related to the homicide.

00-02 Day 3, 01-24-00 Eleven members responded to search additional areas near the crime scene in the continuing search for evidence related to the homicide.  Grid search conducted adjacent to where suspect’s vehicle was recovered.

00-03, Tennesse Valley Search Standby 01-26-00 Marin SAR was  placed on standby for possible missing youth at risk.    The 15 year old male, with a group from San Jose was reported as    possibly missing and experiencing vertigo, while on a hike from the GGB   Vista point to Tennessee Valley trailhead.  Air Patrol and Posse were put on alert.  Subject was located with another part of his group and reported as   being O.K. by rangers at 1520 hrs.

00-04, Solano County Mutual Aid 03-03-00 Marin responded twenty-one members to assist in the search for Wilma Joiner, A 70 year old Alzheimer’s patient   who was last seen in a care takers home that morning.  The search area   was a mix of farms, new housing and commercial areas on the east side   of Vacaville.  Marin with Contra Costa and Alameda relieved Solano    teams and search during heavy rains throughout  the night.

00-04 Day 2, 03-04-00 Marin sent an additional eight members to continue the search and support the management team.  The second day several visual sightings   were reported over a three hour window.  These people report seeing the   subject the previous day just prior to her being reported missing.  This is   the same area several dogs alerted in.  Intensive searches are    conducted in this area day 2.

00-04-Day 3, 03-05-00 Twelve members respond to continue the search.  By the end of the third day the search is suspended at 10pm after a significant effort that    included hundreds of searchers. Participating agencies include SAR    teams from Yolo, Sacramento, Contra Costa, Napa, Alameda, Solano,   Sonoma, Marin, The California Youth Authority and search dogs from    both CARDA and WOOF. In addition, Helicopters from East Bay    Regional Parks and Sonoma County S.O. assisted.  At one time    Vacaville Police had 15 units committed as well.  The search has been   turned over to Vacaville PD detectives.  No further clues were located.

00-05, Solano County Mutual Aid 03-19-00 Marin responded twelve members to support Solano SAR and Vallejo PD in searching additional areas for clues on the Fairchild incident. 

00-06, Marin City Search 04-08-00 Marin SAR responded at 0230 hrs. to Marin City to assist deputies in the search for a missing 10 y.o. boy who was last seen in a playground near   his house at 1700 hrs. the prior afternoon.  Three members of the    management team were assigned to investigations and quickly turned   many leads.  Ground search teams and several CARDA teams were   deployed at 0530 hrs. to search likely areas.  During the investigation it   was found that a second 10 y.o. boy was also missing and the pair was   likely together.  At 0730 hours a K-9 team conducted a field interview and   soon found both kids safe, still sleeping at a friends house.  Twenty    Marin SAR members responded.

00-06, San Rafael Search 04-21-00 Marin SAR was requested by San Rafael PD to search for a 95 y.o. male with dementia that walked away from Kaiser Hospital in San Rafael. As   the team was responding the subject was located safe by San Rafael PD.

00-07, Novato Search 04-24-00 Marin SAR was requested by Novato PD to assist in the search for a missing 12 y.o. girl and 8 y.o. boy with a mental age of 4, who left out the   back bedroom window of a foster home at 2200 hrs. SAR deployed   seven ground teams and three CARDA dogs teams on numerous    assignments to cover parks, schools and open space areas between   0230 and 0700 hrs. Two members were assigned to investigations.    Novato PD dedicated four officers on a continuous patrol of all streets in   the area. After the hasty search was completed mutual aid was requested   from Sonoma, Contra Costa and Alameda County SAR teams.  At 0930   hours, Novato PD located the subjects hiding under a bed in a house    known to the two children.  It is believed they snuck in, unknown to the   residents, through an unlocked door. The children were hoping the family   would adopt them. 

00-08, Mt. Tam Search 04-30-00 Marin SAR responded for a missing 44 y.o. man on Mt. Tamalpais after State Park Rangers found a his vehicle in a pull-out after hours and    contacted his girlfriend who stated he was missing.  During the investigation of the car and further interviews by the management team it   was determined he may have committed suicide.  Twenty five ground   searchers and four CADRA dog teams searched a wide area around the   car between 1900 and 0100. hours.  At 0700 hours the next morning the   search was expanded with mutual aid from Sonoma, Solano and Contra  Costa SAR teams and a CHP helicopter.  The subject was located    deceased by a Marin team at 0930, about 1/2 mile from the subjects vehicle.  State Park and Marin Water District Rangers and a Helicopter   from Sonoma County Sheriff’s department also assisted in the search.

00-09, Mt. Tam Rescue 05-01-00 Moments after completing the carry-out of the subject on the Mt.  Tamaplais search, Marin County Fire requested Marin SAR to respond for a down hiker on the Coastal trail. The subject was over three miles   from the trail head.  Marin responded with 6 six person carry-out team   that included a wheeled litter and medical gear. Marin SAR stabilized the   patient and then assisted Southern Marin Paramedics and Marin County   Firefighters with the carry-out of the patient.  This carry-out was made    very difficult due the trail being very narrow and on a steep slope.     Total time to respond and complete the rescue was over four hours.     Patient was transported with a leg injury to Marin General Hospital.

00-10, Yosemite Search 05-19-00 Marin sent twelve members to the Glacier Point area to assist the National Park Service in the search for a missing 79 y.o.    hiker that was 24 hours overdue.  As we arrived early Saturday morning   the subject was located alive and well by an search team sent out to do a   trail block.  The missing woman said she had been lost and continued to   walk nearly the whole time out.  We remained in the park for the day and   conducted some training prior to heading home.

00-11, Humboldt County Mutual Aid 05-21-00  Marin was requested to respond for a missing mushroom picker near Eureka.  The woman was located shortly   after the request was made.

00-12, Bolinas Evidence Search 05-31-00  Ten members responded and spent five hours supporting the Investigations Division for a evidence in the coastal town of Bolinas.

00-13, Siskiyou County Mutual Aid 07-09-00 Six members were flown by the Marin Air Patrol to a search for a missing hiker in the Siskiyou wilderness near Mt.   Preston.  Once at the airport, members were picked up by a National   Guard Helicopter and taken to the command post. After spending the   night members were deployed on a 10 hour assignment to search a    large drainage below Preston peak. The terrain was difficult with tallis    fields and thick vegetation.  On day two members were deployed to search   another canyon East of Preston Peak with two CARDA dog teams. At the   end of the day the search was suspended and most teams     released.  The missing subject became separated from his hiking party   the Friday before during a lightning storm. He was known to be in good   shape and had day hiking equipment.  The search was called off    because the management team had reason to believe he may be    evading search efforts. The subject remains missing at this time.  The    search was made difficult due to the search area being a 6 hour hike      the nearest trailhead, requiring a heavy dependence on helicopters.

00-14, Yosemite Rescue 07-22-00 While on Marin SAR’s annual summer camp in the Yosemite Valley, Ten members assisted YOSAR on a carry-out on   the four mile trail.  YOSAR received a report of an elderly woman with   an injured ankle about 1.5 miles up the trail. Marin members arrived on   scene to stabilize the patient and assisted with carry-out.

00-15, Alameda County Mutual Aid 07-30-00 Eleven members responded to Redwood Regional Park in the Oakland Hills to assist in the search for a 48 y.o. despondent   man who’s car was located at a pull out the day before. Members were   deployed on several field assignments and supported the management   team. The subject was located a week later after a second effort by an   Alameda SAR Mounted Unit. Other units responding to the incident    included Contra Costa, CARDA and East Bay Regional Parks.

00-16, Woodacre Evidence Search 08-03-00 Ten members responded to assist Sheriff’s investigations for a double homicide in Woodacre.

00-17, Kent Lake Search 08-06-00 Twenty four members responded for a man who called on his cell phone to say that he was lost near Kent   Lake and then disconnected. Marin Water District Rangers located the   man shortly after requesting SAR near Pine Mountain.

00-18, Woodacre Evidence Search 08-10-00 Six members responded to search additional areas in Woodacre for the double homicide case.  Members were committed for six hours.

00-19, International Search 08-11-00 Marin SAR member Kenyon MacConnell responded with the First Special Response group on a search for two hikers who were five days   overdue while hiking on the Extinct Volcano of Colima in Southern    Mexico.  Members endured operating at 14,000 ft , 60 mile an hour    winds, poor visibility, heavy rain and incredibly difficult terrain.  After    being out for 9 days the missing 15 y.o. Mexican national was located   alive by Helicopter after be tracked for 12 miles into a drainage. Two    additional day were spent searching for the 40 y.o. American before    1SRG had to suspend the mission. He remains missing.

00-20, Vallejo Mutual Aid Search 08-11-00 Mitsi Sanchez Search.  22 Marin SAR members responded to Vallejo to  assist in the search for Mitsi. She was last seen leaving school at 3:00pm   the previous day.  Marin members were on scene at 0100 and assisted in   door to door searching and management.  By 9pm over 150 searchers   from Solano, Napa, Sonoma, Marin, Contra Costa, BAMRU, CAL-ESAR,   California Youth Authority, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Sacramento and    Vallejo Police and Fire Departments covered a wide radius around the   PLS, locating no clues. In addition, the FBI assigned numerous agents   to the incident.  Two days later, in Santa Clara County, Mitsi escaped  her abductor. He was captured several hours later and remains in    custody.

00-21, Sacramento Delta Evidence Search 08-13-00 .  Fifteen Marin SAR members were joined by Contra Costa, Solano and CAL-ESAR SAR teams to search  eighteen miles of river shoreline for evidence related for the double homicide in Woodacre and three other related homicides in Contra Costa County.  Members were committed all day.

00-22, Muir beach evidence search 08-14-00  Ten Marin SAR members responded to assist detectives in searching  along Route 1 for evidence related to a body located near the roadside. Members were committed  for four hours.

00-23, Contra Costa County Evidence search 08-19-00  Fifteen SAR members responded 08-19-00 to Concord to assist Marin S.O. detectives on an evidence search related  to the Delta and Woodacre case.  Members were committed for 6 hours.

00-24-Day 1, Siskiyou County mutual aid. 08-20-00   Six members were flown by our Sheriff’s air Squadron to Scott Valley at 0600 hours for a missing 70 y.o. woman who   was last seen near Spirit Lake in the Marble Mountain Wilderness on    Friday August 18th.  The PLS was located 12 miles from the nearest    trailhead, necessitating a helicopter dependent search.  Terrain around   the lake was steep with many areas of heavy brush, boulders and timber.   The missing woman, Rosemary Kunst, was a resident of Marin County.    Six additional members assisted Siskiyou County, interviewing family in   Marin and collecting track information and scent articles. 

00-24-Day 2, 08-21-00 Six Marin members were re-deployed by air to Spirit Lake, searching the ridge to the South of the Lake. Hair confirmed to be Rosemary Kunst    was located in heavy brush 1/2 mile South of the Lake by a dog team.   Marin responded an additional four members for the next operational    period. Resources included SAR teams from Siskiyou, Shasta, Marin,   Dogs from WOOF and CARDA and aircraft from Air National Guard and   the California Hiway Patrol.

00-24-Day 3, 08-22-00  Four members were flown up to replace four returning members and an additional three members drove to the command post for a total on 9 on   scene. Members were flown out by National Guard and deployed both   around Spirit Lake and the drainage below where the strands of hair    were located. Members spent the night in the field

00-24-Day 4, 08-23-00 Members started early and area searched the drainage below where the the hair clue was located with a air scent WOOF dog.  Members said    searching was difficult with steep terrain, heavy brush and down timber   throughout the assignment area. Members were flown back to the    command post by CHP helicopter and drove home.  Six fresh members   left Marin for the next days operations. Other resources in the field    included Siskiyou, Del Norte, CARDA WOOF and members of the Kunst   family.

00-24-Day 5, 08-24-00 Six members and a WOOF dog were re-deployed into the drainage with Siskiyou SAR and area searched additional sections of the drainage.    Siskiyou County suspended the search and the end of six of the search.    No further clues were located other then the hair strands found in dense   brush, about a half mile from the point last seen .  Over a 150 searchers   and members of the family were involved in the search.  The area is said   to be some of the most remote and difficult terrain in California.

00-25, San Rafael Evidence Search 09-29-00 Twelve Marin SAR members responded to assist San Rafael P.D. just before midnight for an evidence search for an attempted homicide. Key   evidence was located.

00-26, Pt. Reyes Search10-05-00 Marin SAR was activated at  11 PM to search for a missing 78 y.o. hiker last seen on Pt. Reyes beach    several hours earlier.  While enroute, National Park Rangers located the  subject during the hasty search, lost but healthy.

00-27, San Anselmo Evidence Search 10-07-00  Twelve Marin SAR members responded to assist San Anselmo PD in searching for evidence in an attempted    homicide.  Key evidence was located.

00-28, Mill Valley Fire assist 10-07-00  Marin SAR responded eight members to assist Mill Valley Fire in the search for severed fingers after an industrial accident on a large wooded    lot.  One finger was located during the search effort and transported for    re-attachment.

00-29, Yuba County mutual aid. 10-16-00   Marin SAR was called to search for a 88 y.o.dementia patient missing for several days. Yuba County then called and  canceled the request, saying they had found sufficient resources for the next operational period.

00-30, Novato Evidence Search 11-11-00 Twenty two SAR members assisted Sheriff’s detectives in looking for evidence on an ongoing homicide investigation.

00-31, San Rafael Search 11-14-00   Twenty seven SAR members responded to Northgate Mall to assist San Rafael PD in the search for a   76 y.o. male Alzheimer’s patient that walked away from his care giver.  As   the search was expanding around the Mall area, Sonoma CHP called   and said they had the subject.  He was located by an officer walking in   the center divider of HWY. 101 in Rohnert Park.  It is unknown how he   managed to get over 30 miles in five hours with no money.  The subject   told officers he walked.


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